Home security has never been as important as it is in this day and age and as we are living in a digital age, it makes sense to change your home locks to digital units. Keyless security is certainly nothing new; keypad access systems have been around for a few years and now we have biometric solutions with fingerprint and retinal scanning, not to mention facial recognition.

Auto Security

Gone are the days when a thief could hotwire a car and drive it away; now we have digital locking solutions with many features. If you end up locked out of your vehicle, a local car lockout service company can gain access without causing any damage; plus they can add a few layers of security to protect your pride and joy! If you want the best in terms of car security, your local locksmith has you covered.

Smart Home Security

If a person approaches the front gates, facial recognition will tell you it is the HVAC engineer or your sister; the system is AI managed and you can add as many people as you wish to the list of those allowed access. A stranger would hear a pleasant voice asking about the nature of their visit and you can have direct voice communication with the visitor. Motion sensors around the perimeter can be set so that animals do not trigger the lights coming on, which is what happens when a human moves into the area.

Keypad Locking

Talk to your local locksmith about digital access systems; every family member knows the code, which you can change at any time. This means you don’t need anything tangible to access. The homeowner can lock or unlock the doors at will and you can say goodbye to those bulky keys that can so easily get lost. Ask any auto locksmith about business and they will tell you it’s brisk! Here are a few reasons to hire an administrative assistant.

Concealed Safes

Your local locksmith in Illawarra can supply & install a digital safe, which is the place to store passports, land title deeds, gold and family heirlooms. Forget burying those gold coins in the garden, choose a suitable size and have the unit installed by a professional; no one would ever guess it is there, besides, house thieves spend an average of 3-5 minutes in a property, taking only things of value they can see.

Remote Solutions

You’re at work and your home security system connects you to the plumber and once he identifies himself, you can tell the AI to give them access. Your cousin might have arrived out of the blue as he was passing, you can chat and let them in, or not, as the case may be. You can use an app to view your CCTV cameras and move the camera to any angle, which is great when you’re holidaying abroad.

Turn your property into a smart home and enjoy digital security, which brings with it many benefits.