Are you considering booking flight tickets through the eDreams website and wondering about its legitimacy? These eDreams reviews aim to provide valuable insights into eDreams, an online travel agency based in Barcelona, Spain, that claims to offer deals on flights, hotels, low-cost airlines, car rentals, and dynamic holiday packages. Let’s delve into customer reviews to gauge the authenticity of eDreams.

eDreams Overview

eDreams, positioning itself as a prominent online travel agency, endeavors to meet the needs of travelers in search of cost-effective solutions for a range of travel-related offerings. Exploring the diverse travel options offered by eDreams reveals a spectrum of services tailored to different aspects of the travel journey:

  1. Flight Deals: eDreams extends its services to encompass a variety of flight deals, including both frequent and charter flights. The platform may offer discounts on flights, presenting travelers with potentially economical options.
  2. Accommodation Deals: eDreams provides users with opportunities to secure special rates for accommodations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to travel planning.
  3. Package Deals: Dynamic holiday packages are a distinctive feature of eDreams, seamlessly combining flights and hotel bookings to provide bundled solutions for travelers seeking convenience and savings.
  4. Car Rental Deals: For those in need of transportation solutions, eDreams may feature deals on car rentals, contributing to a more seamless travel experience.
  5. Travel Insurance: Recognizing the importance of travel security, eDreams may offer options for travel insurance to provide customers with added peace of mind during their journeys.

Customer Dissatisfaction With eDreams 

Despite the company’s assertion of delivering budget-friendly options, feedback from customers suggests a disparity between these assertions and the real-world experiences of users.

  1. Poor Customer Service: Numerous users have reported dissatisfaction with eDreams’ customer service, citing unresponsiveness, delayed responses, and a lack of effective problem resolution.
  2. Difficulty in Cancellations and Refunds: Customers have expressed frustration over the apparent complexity of canceling bookings and obtaining refunds through eDreams. This has led to heightened dissatisfaction among users seeking flexibility.
  3. Challenges in Website Registration: Some customers have faced issues during the website registration process, encountering technical difficulties that hindered their ability to seamlessly navigate and utilize eDreams’ services.
  4. Unexpected Charges at the Airport: Several users have complained about unforeseen charges at the airport after booking through eDreams, leading to a sense of betrayal and additional financial burden.
  5. Lack of Assistance with Flight Changes: Reports indicate that eDreams has fallen short in providing adequate assistance for customers attempting to change their flights. Delays in response times and generic email communications have left users frustrated and dissatisfied.
  6. Generic Responses and Lack of Information: Users seeking assistance have received generic responses from eDreams’ customer support. Some have reported scripted interactions that fail to address their specific concerns, leaving them without the necessary information or solutions.
  7. Inefficiencies in Email Communication: A significant number of customers have raised concerns about the efficiency of eDreams’ email communication. Lengthy waiting periods for responses and the inability to obtain timely and original information contribute to an overall negative experience.
  8. Overall Low Rating on Review Platforms: The cumulative impact of these dissatisfaction points is reflected in eDreams’ low overall rating of 1.05 stars based on 883 reviews. This numerical representation underscores the widespread discontent among users.

Summary: eDreams Reviews

In summary, while eDreams offers a variety of travel services, numerous customer reviews highlight significant issues such as poor customer service, difficulties in cancellations and refunds, and unexpected charges. The reported dissatisfaction, along with a low overall rating, raises concerns about the reliability of eDreams. Prospective customers are advised to carefully weigh these considerations and explore alternative options for a more secure and satisfying travel booking experience.


  1. Is eDreams legit?

Customer reviews suggest varying experiences with eDreams, with some expressing dissatisfaction regarding customer service, cancellations, and unexpected charges. It is advisable for prospective users to carefully assess these factors before relying on eDreams for travel bookings.

  1. How does eDreams handle cancellations and refunds?

Numerous users have reported difficulties in canceling bookings and obtaining refunds through eDreams. Prospective customers should be aware of the potential complexities in the cancellation process and review the company’s policies before making reservations.

  1. Are there any common issues with eDreams’ customer service?

Customer complaints frequently mention poor customer service experiences, including unresponsiveness, delayed responses, and generic interactions. Those considering eDreams for travel arrangements may want to factor in these reported issues when assessing the overall reliability of the platform.

  1. Does eDreams deliver on its promises of budget-friendly travel options?

Despite eDreams positioning itself as a provider of cost-effective travel solutions, the widespread discontent among users raises questions about the company’s ability to consistently deliver on this promise. Prospective customers should weigh the reported issues against the perceived benefits before deciding to use eDreams for their travel needs.