Grammar is the foundation of human language. It defines the rules that enable the human mind to interpret & understand language. Whatever you write or speak, grammar is the primary factor that makes everything comprehensible, enabling you to convey ideas, information, emotions, etc, effectively. Perfect grammatical knowledge is a prerequisite for mastering any language and writing exceptional pieces. Grammar’s essentiality in effective communication is why so many digital/online grammar checkers have spawned all over the Internet. 

Despite an ever-increasing number of online grammar checkers, not every one of them guarantees absolute accuracy. Some grammar-checking tools can ask you to shell out money, while others may even check your content for plagiarism for free. There are many options, and getting confused among the lot can be quite easy.

This article is just what you need to find the perfect grammar-checking tool online. It lists some of the most accurate and advanced grammar checkers available on the Web. 

Top Grammar Checkers To Check Out In 2024


When discussing the best online grammar checkers, Grammarly must be in the top five. 

One of the most powerful AI-powered grammar checkers available on the Web, Grammarly uses advanced digital technologies such as Natural Language Processing, rule-based analysis and cutting-edge heuristics to understand meaning, context, structure, & objectives. The tool then suggests appropriate alternatives for words & phrases, sentence structures, verbs & tenses, etc. It offers tips to improve flow & cohesion, enhance clarity & engagement, and make everything near-perfect. 

In short, Grammarly is the complete package for students & professionals alike. Here are some of its biggest features:

  • Completely cloud-based
  • Checks plagiarism for free
  • Options to set writing goals, target audience, intent & formality
  • Offer both FREE and PREMIUM services.
  • Check an unlimited number of words in paid versions.
  • Presents a performance or article score
  • Downloadable reports in PDF format
  • Generative AI addon with the premium version
  • API that works across different applications (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word, etc.)

The rates and prices seem a bit hefty for individuals, but the investment will be worth it. The rates for the premium version are as follows:

  • ANNUAL: USD 12 per month
  • QUARTERLY: USD 20 per month 
  • MONTHLY: USD 30 per month 

The features and benefits of Grammarly surpass those offered by any other online tool. However, there are a few downsides as well. 


  • The rates can seem a bit high for students.
  • The plagiarism checker does not carry out comprehensive searches. 
  • Some suggestions can be a bit off. 
  • Occasionally, glitches may occur when making changes, causing them to appear multiple times in the text.’s Grammar Checker

Next in rank is our very own AI grammar checker. 

No, we are not beating our trumpet when we say that the My Assignment Help grammar checker is one of the best FREE online checking tool for your english assignment help. You get to avail of the all-powerful GPT-3.5 transformer neural network model for checking and polishing your content ABSOLUTELY for FREE!

Grammar, sentence structure & variation, semantic & dialectical errors, redundancy & clarity, unnecessary modifiers, spelling & punctuation — the grammar checker looks into every single parameter of the English language in a matter of minutes. Accurate suggestions appear instantly in the user-friendly interface. 

Here are some additional features of the tool:

  • Paste text or upload files from your device or cloud
  • Extremely easy to use—paste and click to check
  • Complete free of cost
  • Checks plagiarism
  • No need to sign-up or register
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Can check for all kinds of errors

Getting an AI-powered grammar checker for free isn’t easy, given the amount of resources AI models consume when operating. But that’s what MyAssignmentHelp provides you with. The only downside is that there is a limit to the number of words you can check in the FREE version

Click here to check out the tool right now. Know that there are no paid or premium versions available. Instead, we have teams of academic writing experts with qualifications from top-tier universities offering personalised assistance at 


Wordtune is more of a writing assistant than just a grammar checker.

The AI powering Wordtune allows writers to write clearer, more precisely, engagingly, and convincingly. The tool can fine-tune any short-form or long-form written content, such as emails, web pages, blogs, articles, essays, case studies, research papers, classifieds, press releases, and more. 

The handy features of the tool include:

  • Offering stellar suggestions for rewriting text
  • Option to rejig the tone of a text
  • Translate content in any language to English
  • Integrates with all major applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, MS Office, Chrome, etc.
  • Three different business models 🡪 Free, Premium, & Premium for Business

With all the many benefits, there’s just one major drawback. Wordtune’s extensions work only on Chrome and on no other browser. 


ProWritingAid is Grammarly’s biggest competitor and another feature-rich, powerful online grammar checker. 

There are both free and premium versions available. Surprisingly enough, the free version of ProWritingAid checks grammar and spelling quite exhaustively & offers a limited number of suggestions for improvement. The premium version carries out much deeper content analyses and offers numerous suggestions for improving clarity, diction, variation, structure, etc. It can also integrate easily with applications such as MS Office, Google Docs, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, etc. 

The rates are also quite economical, with premium versions available at $20 & $79 per month and lifetime membership at $399. 


Ginger  is another popular AI-powered grammar checker. It uses Natural Language Processing and deep learning to analyse text and offer excellent suggestions for improvement. Ginger offers similar functionalities & features as those of Grammarly, allowing you to improve your text quality, vocabulary, and writing style.

The biggest reasons for choosing Ginger as your grammar checker can be:

  • The option for real-time translation
  • Support for 40+ languages
  • NLP-based suggestions
  • It costs half as much as Grammarly

The rates offered by the Ginger grammar checker are substantially lower than the premium versions of all the tools in this list (except MyAssignmentHelp’s grammar checker, which does not have a premium version). 

You will have to shell out $13.99 per month for the monthly plan, $7.49 per month for the annual plan, and $6.66 per month for the two-year plan.  

And those were five of the best grammar-checking tools to keep an eye out for in 2024. We wrap up this write-up with some useful grammar tips from reputed universities.  

Some Grammar Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Use a variety of sentences to improve readability and engagement.
  • Always italicise foreign language. 
  • ‘May’ is used when asking for permission. ‘Might’ is used when implying possibilities. 
  • Restrictive clauses start with ‘that’ and contain information essential to the purpose of the sentence. Non-restrictive clauses begin with a ‘which’, are separated from the rest of the sentence with a comma, and contain relevant but not essential information. 
  • Read quality books, articles, blogs, guides, newspapers, magazines, research papers, etc., to improve your vocabulary and notice good grammar. Imbibe them in your mind and use them while writing. 
  • Practice writing different kinds of write-ups and solve exercises as often as possible. 

Well, that’s all the space we have for this article. Hope it helps you choose the right grammar checker for any task. Use them right, don’t become too dependent on them, and take note of their suggestions to enhance your grammar and writing.

All the best!