Refrigerated bakery cases are a great way to highlight your delicious baked goods and savory deli items. There are many options, including curved and straight display cases. What your customers see, smell and hear impacts their purchase decisions. Investing in the right bakery display case is crucial to boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Boost Sales

A refrigerated bakery case is an excellent way to attract customers’ attention and showcase your products. Ensure that your bakery case has adequate lighting so your baked goods look their best. If possible, display complementary products, such as chocolate cupcakes with brownies. This will encourage your customers to buy both and help increase sales. Refrigerated bakery cases come in various sizes, from countertop units to 96-inch-high floor models. When choosing a bakery case, don’t base your decision solely on the size of your store; rather, consider the size of the products you want to merchandise and whether you offer self-serve options.

Additionally, consider if you need a forced air or gravity coil model, as these differ in how they maintain freshness. Choose a display case that meets your needs and will save space, energy, and money in the long run. The right-size bakery display case can boost your profits and improve customer satisfaction.

Maintain Product Freshness

The right display case helps keep your food fresh and visible, extending the window for impulse sales. It also keeps your products safe from contamination and greedy fingers. A refrigerated bakery case can increase impulse sales in almost any food service establishment, from bakeries to cafes and diners. They protect your baked goods from airborne contaminants and make it easy for customers to browse the selection and find what they want.

There are many options for refrigerated bakery and deli cases, including tempered glass or acrylic (also known as plexiglass). The type you choose depends on the foods you serve and how they’re served.

Forced-air bakery cases use fans to circulate cold air throughout the case. They preferred prepackaged foods and bakery items, though they could dry out some food if uncovered for too long. Ensure your chosen topic has appropriate lighting to help your food look its best.

Attract Customers

Customers are more likely to buy when you add fresh, attractively displayed bakery items to your deli, restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop menu. These aspirational displays capture their attention with color-coordinated merchandise and signage that suggest a delicious meal, gift for loved ones or snack. Food showcases come in various sizes, depending on your business needs. A smaller model may be best if you primarily serve pastries and other foods with a short shelf life. You may need a larger refrigerated case if you taste cold cuts, cheeses and other foods with longer shelf life. You can also find refrigerated bakery cases with curved or straight glass fronts to suit your store’s aesthetic. Many patients have built-in lighting that highlights your products. Some have specialized bulbs that enhance certain foods, like red meat and pastries. You can also find additional bakery and deli equipment and supplies from Burkett, including pie servers, spoons, sheet pans and cake stands.

Reduce Waste

With a refrigerated bakery case, your pastries and desserts can be kept at an optimal temperature, extending the product’s life. It also reduces waste by preventing spoilage so your customers can enjoy the freshest possible treats, and you can maximize revenue. Refrigerated bakery cases are ideal for items that need to be served chilled, such as mousse cakes, cheesecakes or fruit pies. They are also suitable for more perishable products that would be easily damaged in warmer temperatures. Depending on your business needs, bakery display cases are available in dry and refrigerated models. They can be configured for dual service, which gives front and rear access so that employees can serve customers, or self-service, which offers only rear access so your patrons can easily grab your products. They are also available in various shelving and outside finish options to match your restaurant’s. Some of these merchandisers also have a backboard and shelves for signage to draw the attention of your guests.