In the world of CBD products, Harrelson’s Own CBD has made some bold claims about its offerings, but is it genuinely worth your time and money? In this Harrelson’s Own CBD review, we’ll delve into what Harrelson’s is all about, its consumer reports, and the ownership behind the brand. Let’s delve deeper to find out if it lives up to the hype. – The Brain Behind The Brand

There’s a common misconception that Woody Harrelson, the renowned actor, is at the helm of Harrelson’s Own CBD. In reality, Brett V. Harrelson, Woody’s elder brother, is the owner. Woody serves as the brand’s ambassador, explaining his prominent presence in product marketing.

The Product Lineup: What Can You Expect?

Harrelson’s Own CBD boasts an array of CBD products, including the Organic Time-Released Gummies, Signature Blend Spray with Immediate Absorption, Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel, and more. These products are purported to address various concerns, such as stress reduction, mood enhancement, inflammation reduction, and increased energy levels. The big question is, do they deliver on these promises?

Harrelson’s Own CBD Reviews: Real Stories, Real Relief

Many individuals are seeking solace in CBD-based remedies, hoping to find the relief they crave. One user’s experience with Harrelson’s Own CBD is particularly enlightening. Suffering from debilitating lower back pain, this user tried a combination of the cooling gel and oral spray. The results were surprisingly positive.

The cooling gel, applied multiple times throughout the day, delivered a warming and cooling sensation within five minutes, reducing pain intensity to a manageable level. Although not entirely eradicated, the pain became bearable, allowing for improved daily functioning. As for the oral spray, it proved effective, but its taste left much to be desired. Despite the initial unpleasantness, continuous use for a few days ultimately led to the pain’s complete disappearance. Now, it’s reserved for occasional discomfort, such as post-gardening or after lifting heavy objects.

Pros & Cons: Balancing The Scales

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of Harrelson’s Own CBD:


Affordable pricing of the products.

Established since 2017, indicating reliability.

Active presence on social media for customer engagement.


Deceptive advertising, as the spray CBD oil didn’t match the commercials.

Unpleasant taste of the oral spray.

The 100% Money-back guarantee on their website and commercial may not be as straightforward as it seems, with some users reporting reprocessing fees for returns.

Conclusion: A Mixed Bag Of Promise

In the realm of CBD products, Harrelson’s Own CBD emerges as a mixed bag. While it offers relief for some users and boasts a 4.2-star rating on US reviews, there are undeniable drawbacks. The strong taste of the oral spray, deceptive advertising, and a questionable money-back guarantee have left some customers dissatisfied. If you’re considering trying Harrelson’s Own CBD, it’s essential to weigh the pros & cons carefully and read Harrelson’s Own CBD reviews to make an informed decision. The majority of users report positive experiences, although a small fraction remains unsatisfied. Whether it’s the right fit for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.


  1. Is Harrelson’s Own CBD a Scam?

No, it is a legitimate brand. Brett V. Harrelson is the owner, and Woody Harrelson is the ambassador of the brand. However, it has faced criticism for misleading advertising.

  1. Do Harrelson’s Own CBD Products Really Work?

Yes, many users have reported positive results, particularly in pain relief and mood enhancement. However, individual experiences may vary.

  1. What Are the Key Benefits of Harrelson’s Products?

Its products claim to elevate mood, boost energy, reduce stress, and alleviate inflammation.

  1. Are There Any Side Effects to Using Harrelson’s Own CBD?

While side effects are generally rare, some users may experience mild discomfort, such as an unpleasant taste in certain products. You must consult with a healthcare professional before starting any CBD regimen.