Farming is a major industry here in Australia and as you would expect, Aussie farmers are not slow in exploring the latest tech in a bid to improve their yield and save money. Every industry benefits from the latest tech developments and in this short article, we take a look at how the farmers Down Under make best use of cutting-edge tech.


The drone is an amazing invention that helps farmers in numerous ways; from locating livestock to spraying crops, farmers save a lot of time and that means money. You might need to inspect miles of fencing, which can be done with a drone, while special spraying drones can greatly reduce labour and costs. A drone can be the farmer’s eyes and indeed ears and we predict that flying tech will continue to develop in such a way that it will revolutionise many sectors.

AI Managed Greenhouses

AI systems can manage greenhouses in every respect, from temperature, humidity and lighting and with a programmable interface, a single person can easily manage a large greenhouse. AI also controls the delivery of water and nutrients, which are stored in tanks. Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial role in global development in just about every sector, not only agriculture. Australian farmers buy their equipment from Agrifarm VIC, a leading supplier of quality farming implements.

Solar power

Most of the crop management systems are powered by solar panels; the Australian government offers incentives to farmers who embrace clean and renewable energy, which helps with the climate crisis. It is estimated that all farms will be on solar or wind power by 2030, which is an admirable goal.

Asset Management

GPS tracking brings real-time asset management and farmers are using this technology to manage their mobile assets. Herd leaders can have GPS sensors embedded under the skin, which enables real-time tracking and that is a time-saver for mega cattle farms.

Quality Control

QC can be left to AI; software that is linked to a digital cam and scanning produce can accurately assess the quality of any produce. Machine learning is developing at an alarming rate, which is good news for all of us. A digital system never needs to sleep, eat or take toilet breaks and it never needs annual holidays and never gets sick.


Motion sensors and video surveillance provide security solutions for Australian farmers; expensive equipment is often left in the fields and farmers can take precautions using digital tech. Robotics are developing at an alarming rate, with four-legged units that are equipped with cameras and mics; tracked vehicles are also on the market.

The Aussie farming community is making best use of the latest tech to enhance their businesses.