So, you’ve been wedding dress shopping, and you’ve found the perfect dress for your big day. Well done!

Now that you’ve found the dress, your mind will inevitably go to the next part: the accessories. Do you want a tiara? A veil? Or what about the jewelry? Which type will help make you look like a princess on your big day?

As the accessories can make the outfit, here you’ll be guided through some of the top tips on how to accessorize your wedding dress. So, read on and have fun!

Consider The Dress Style

Wedding dresses come in different shapes and sizes, and if you opt for a simple and elegant dress, it can be worth looking into more elaborate and bolder accessories, such as a large statement necklace, perhaps in diamonds, pearls, or marcasite, as well as chandelier earrings. However, if your dress is already very detailed and has intricate lace, beading, or a pattern on the bodice, it may be worth looking into accessories such as a veil, tiara, and a necklace that are simple to prevent the outfit from looking cluttered.


There was something of a theme in the 1980s that involved slim-line dresses and overly elaborate veils, which would create an unbalanced and top-heavy look. If your dress has intricate details, as mentioned before, you should consider simple accessories. If your dress is a slim line or more fitted, then any accessories that you pair with it should also be a slim line- this applies more specifically to veils and tiaras. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you can opt for a bold necklace or even a choker but try to avoid these if you have a dress that has straps or even long sleeves to give a more balanced look to the neckline.

Color Match!

If your wedding dress has silver embroidery on the bodice, then you will want accessories that are the same color, as this will help to complement the dress and give your look a theme rather than appearing to be all over the place! If your dress is ivory or champagne gold or even warm-toned, then accessories in this color will work well. If you have a cool white dress, opt for silver! You should also consider the undertones of your dress as well, as many dresses are multilayered, and you should choose accessories that harmonize with these colors.

Keep It Simple

As mentioned before, accessories can make the outfit, but don’t overdo it! Try to choose a focal point for your wedding accessories, such as a statement necklace, bold earrings, or a headpiece. Don’t mix and match all of these bold pieces together, even if you have a plain white dress, as it can cause a very busy look, which is not the timeless appearance that you will want on your wedding day.

Look At The Neckline

Necklines were mentioned earlier, and the neckline of the wedding dress that you choose will influence the type of accessories that work well. A sweetheart neckline will pair well with a necklace that follows the shape. If you have a high neckline or lace and beads around the neckline, then it may be best to skip the necklace altogether and focus on earrings and a tiara.