According to a survey conducted by the BBC, four-in-five UK parents believe their children’s screen time has increased since the pandemic. With screentime increasingly dominating playtime, creating a stimulating and nurturing playroom is for your child is more important than ever.

But what do you need to consider if you want to create a great space for your child to play in?

In this article, we’ll share how to create the perfect children’s playroom.

Fuel Their Imaginations

Make the most of the décor of the room to prompt your little one’s imaginative adventures. Colours have a big impact, so make the walls bright and bold colours to provide the visual stimulation they need to get their imaginations whirring. Consider getting a blackboard wall or cupboard to empower their artistic expression or base the playroom’s theme on your child’s favourite book or film.

Organise The Chaos

Not only will a cluttered playroom drive you crazy, but it can even be overwhelming for your little ones. Invest in clever storage solutions like sleek fitted furniture for small rooms, low shelving units and brightly coloured storage bins with clear labels. This latter option will let your child easily access and put away their toys, helping them develop a sense of independence.

Let Tn The Light

Getting sunlight is important for your kid’s wellbeing. But according to data from Save the Children, only 25% of children regularly play outside. So, it’s especially important you ensure your playroom gets plenty of natural light. Choose a room with large windows and keep the curtains and blinds pulled back during the day. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can hang sheer curtains, that will let light filter through while maintaining privacy.

Prioritise Safety

Of course, your child’s safety is of paramount importance while they play. Choose sturdy furniture with rounded edges and secure any storage to the walls. Make sure the floor is soft and forgiving, using mats or thick rugs to cushion the ground for all the inevitable falls. You can also use soft furnishings like beanbags and floor pillows to create a cosier and more inviting atmosphere, plus double as the building materials for a blanket fort.

Make It Personal

Why not get your child involved in creating their playroom? You can let them choose their favourite colours for the decorations or the theme they want for the room. This personal touch will help make the playroom feel special and get your child excited to play in it.

The perfect playroom isn’t about expensive toys or complicated designs – it’s about creating a space that fuels their creativity, keeps them safe and feels like their own. Remember our tips above and get ready to make precious memories with your little one.