Maintaining your commercial establishment is an essential part of owning a business. Note that proper maintenance goes beyond paying for cleaning services, fixing leaks, and upgrading certain fixtures. You also have to ensure that your establishment’s fundamental elements, such as its electrical system, are in good condition.

Staying on top of your establishment’s electrical system is critical for protecting its occupants and maintaining ideal efficiency. A commercial electrician can render the services needed to keep your establishment’s electrical features in prime condition. Learn more about the process of hiring a commercial electrician by continuing with the rest of this article.

Look For Qualified Candidates Online

It’s important to remember that job descriptions differ significantly for residential and commercial electricians. As noted by, residential and commercial electricians work with different voltages and wiring systems and may also have to meet different standards. Because residential and commercial electricians have different qualifications, asking your friends and family for recommendations is likely not an option. You’ll have to search for qualified candidates using different methods.

The easiest way to find qualified candidates involves searching online. Use your preferred search engine to find commercial electricians in your area and start doing some research.

Since you’re only browsing for candidates online, the best you can do is to reference customer reviews. Check what an electrician’s previous clients have to say and see if any kind of consensus forms. Hopefully, you can glean enough insight from that initial search to put together a solid list of potential hires.

Schedule Interviews With Your Candidates

After assembling your preliminary list of commercial electricians specializing in electric repair service, you can start scheduling interviews with them. These interviews are essential because they give you opportunities to learn more about a particular service provider’s background and approach. Never pass on these interviews during the hiring process.

Ask Your Candidates About Their Experience & Qualifications

Now that you’re at the interview phase, you must ask the right questions to determine whether a candidate fits your repair, installation, or maintenance job. Get the most important matters out of the way first and ask the commercial electrician about their experience and qualifications.

According to ZipRecruiter, an individual aspiring to be a commercial electrician must first take an apprenticeship with a master electrician. After accruing enough experience, the candidate can take the journeyman exam and receive their license upon passing. Commercial electrician requirements vary from state to state, so it’s important to confirm that your candidates are qualified based on the laws in your area.

A licensed commercial electrician already has sufficient experience, but you may be looking for someone with more years under their belt, given the complexity of your project. Ask specifically if your candidate has experience working on projects similar to yours so you can gauge how well they can handle the job.

Inquire About Their Insurance Policies

Aside from being licensed, you should also confirm that the commercial electrician you’re planning to hire has the proper insurance. Proper insurance for a commercial electrician would include at least commercial liability and workers’ compensation.

Working with any contractor who lacks insurance is never recommended, but it’s an even greater concern when it comes to electrical work. All kinds of accidents can happen when electrical work is taking place, and you need a service provider with policies that can protect you and your business.

Discuss Their Approach To Rendering Electrical Work

During the interviews, you should also ask questions that get to the heart of how commercial electricians conduct their business. Ask how many people they intend to bring to the worksite and what kind of communication you can expect from them.

Feel free to ask more questions that are more relevant to your specific project.

Solicit Bids From The Commercial Electricians

Lastly, you should solicit bids from the commercial electricians you interviewed to see which offer you like best. Remember to consider more than price when choosing from the electrician bids. The lowest bids may come from relatively inexperienced electricians, so it’s fair to wonder why they are pricing their services that way. Instead, you should focus on the bid that presents the best value because that will lead you to the best candidate.

Follow the process of finding a commercial electrician detailed above to ensure the right people handle your electrical work. Form a working relationship with your new hire, so you can keep your electrical system in consistently good shape.