Are you in need of a lawyer’s advice and representation? They are professionals who assist you with legal matters and, in many situations, are vital to producing a positive outcome in your favour. While they are sometimes necessary for your troubles or legal transactions, you may not afford their services.

If you need a lawyer but don’t have the cash to pay for it, panic can set in. Fortunately, there are ways to fund this representation. You can use one of several options to make your payment and then work hard to recoup that as you leave your legal troubles behind.

This is how to get money for a lawyer fast.

Ask A Family Member Or Friend

Family are blood relatives you can depend on, and close friends will always be there for you. When facing a financial dilemma like paying for a lawyer, you can turn to these people.

Loved ones understand your hardships and know your urgency to hire a lawyer. They also recognize your character and are more likely to lend you money, knowing you will return it. You may even be given the money with no expectation of return, so thank them and demonstrate how their gift was put to practical use in your life.

Payday Loans

Another effective solution is to borrow from your future self. This can be done with a payday loan. Payday loans are funded by private businesses in your community and are considered short-term loans based on the income that you have coming in.

This income may be:

  • Employment income
  • Employment insurance
  • Seniors’ pension
  • Disability pension
  • Child tax benefit

The process is fairly simple, with you providing a government-issued ID, a blank personal check or pre-authorized debit form, proof of address and a recent pay stub. Once you qualify, you can get cash the same day or deposit it directly into your bank account.

There are fees associated with this service, but it is typically a flat fee that you must pay along with the initial loan payback. This is the easiest method for those needing quick cash to pay their lawyer quickly.

Finance It

Cash can be difficult, but if you can pay your lawyer’s fees over time, you can get a personal loan. This finances the money needed and will allow you to pay your legal bills to maintain representation while still affording your day-to-day expenses.

Some investment companies are dedicated to lending to legal costs. As with all forms of money lending, you will be charged interest, so remember that. It is much better to get a loan with a competitive interest rate, so shop around different lenders and see what rates you can find.

Also, you have to qualify for financing. However, owning a house, car or other collateral and having a steady job will help fit the lender’s criteria.

Credit Cards Or Credit Line

Most people have a credit card or two and may also have a credit line in their bank. These serve as a way to pay for something in advance of funds, and as long as you pay them off, you avoid high-interest charges.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to pay for your lawyer with these forms of credit. It is not the most effective financial option, but it covers the debt to keep your lawyer working for you.

If you can, apply for a new credit card, as they often have lower introductory interest rates for an initial period. This will lower interest charges if you can’t pay the card off by the statement date. Pay using your card directly to the law firm you owe money to, as this will give you a few weeks until the balance is due.

With a credit line, you are being charged interest from the first day you take the money out, similar to a credit card if you take a cash advance. Be disciplined with your finances and work to pay off these higher-interest forms of credit as fast as possible.


Crowdfunding is a fairly new way of raising capital for a worthy cause. Several websites are designed to quickly set up funding requests for family, friends, and others. These are especially popular for public causes, wrongful accusations or negligent companies because people want to join you and assist in your defence.

This type of funding will bring your legal issues into the public realm, and that may not be what you want, but there are other confidential crowdfunding solutions to try as well.