Advancing dealing with an Amazon business is the priority for those who operate through this website. Developing a sell Amazon FBA business is extremely important for entrepreneurs who set it up on their own and Websiteclosers are ready to help their clients in this matter. Of course, it is hard to part with your company, but if the shop owner wants to invest the proceeds from the sale in a new project, such a step is simply essential.

When you initiate working on selling a business on Amazon, you need to understand how to properly evaluate it. Representatives of Website Closers have deduced the most popular factors affecting Amazon FBA business valuation. Let’s break them down in more detail.

Popular Amazon FBA Business Valuation Methods

Popular Amazon FBA Business Valuation Methods

When researching different Amazon FBA business valuation methods, the first thing owners of such resources look at is net profit. This is a value that will show how much money your business can bring. It is most correct to estimate it for the year because in different months the income can differ. It also levels out the indicator of seasonality in case the client’s business is seasonal.

For evaluation through net profit, a special multiple coefficient is derived. It is calculated based on various factors, including:

  • how old is the seller’s business;
  • business-model;
  • the assortment of products sold, etc.

To get a base valuation of the business, multiply the resulting multiple and the average monthly net income for the last year.

Also, the seller’s discretionary income or SDE method is used to value a business. It is calculated based on the following formula: revenue-cost of goods operating expenses+ owner’s salary. This method is correct for businesses with turnover up to 5 million dollars. USD.

For larger organizations, EBITDA is calculated. This is an indicator calculated based on profit before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Steps To Selling An Amazon FBA Business

Steps To Selling An Amazon FBA Business

It’s not enough for proprietors of such a company to know how to estimate the value and how to sell an Amazon FBA business. Experienced companies in selling such a business highlight the subsequent steps to selling an Amazon FBA business:

  • pre-sale preparation;
  • obtaining documentation;
  • selecting an option to sell;
  • selecting financing for the transaction;
  • working out the seller’s exit.

Each of the above steps is extremely essential. Rehearsal helps to sell the business more favorably. If the seller has long-term agreements with suppliers, selling the business will help keep suppliers for the new owner. This will significantly save the new owner time and raise the client’s business value.

After the inadequate preparation, a legal advisor should be hired to prepare the right set of documents. These are primarily non-disclosure arrangements and other documents that will be needed in the transaction. Experienced counselors will expedite such a process.

When all the docs are in order, the seller can determine the method of selling the business. This can be realized through:

  • trading platforms;
  • auctions;
  • mergers and acquisitions consultants;
  • direct transactions.

Each approach has its benefits and weaknesses and depending on the business area and its income, it is up to the seller to choose how to work.

For financing, there may also be options. When a seller is found, it is important to quickly decide on a way to finance the transaction. This can be either cash transactions or bank transfers.

When exiting the business, the new owner must be able to leave previous employees (in the absence of their team) and start operating the acquired business promptly.

Who Can Assist In Selling An Amazon FBA Business? 

To finding buyers for an Amazon FBA business can be time-consuming. To evaluate and sell such a business as quickly as possible, it’s best to turn to professionals. Website Closers staff is ready to help their clients with such an idea.

Our employees have comprehensive experience in conducting such transactions and are ready to help our clients in its realization. In addition to direct search for buyers, our staff can provide accounting and legal support.

For initial consultation you only need to contact our managers and the work on the realization of your business will be instantly started, and the seller will receive the best offer in the shortest possible time.