Dive into the delectable world of Jeremy’s Chocolate bars, emerging as a contender post the recent Hershey’s campaign buzz. With a captivating commercial, the question arises: Can Jeremy’s chocolate surpass the allure of Hershey’s? Explore the answers in our comprehensive Jeremy’s Chocolate reviews, unveiling features and delivering the final verdict in the Hershey’s showdown.

Getting Acquainted With Jeremy’s Chocolate

Jeremy’s Chocolate presents itself as a novel addition to the chocolate realm, offering two flavors – HeHim with nuts and SheHer without. This unique approach responds to Hershey’s recent campaign, adding a clever twist to the chocolate binary.

Examining The Ingredients

Chocolate Type Ingredients
HeHim Chocolate 1. Dry Roasted Diced Almonds
2. Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar
3. Dried Milk Powder
4. Fair Trade Cocoa Butter
SheHer Chocolate 1. Dried Milk Powder
2. Fair Trade Cocoa Butter
3. Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar

Where & How To Indulge In Jeremy’s Chocolate Bars

For those eager to savor this new treat, pre-ordering is available on ihatehersheys.com. Conveniently, orders over $50.00 can be paid in four installments without additional charges. However, patience is key, as delivery takes two months.

Mystery Manufacturing Spot

While the exact manufacturing location remains undisclosed, the chocolates are crafted in a facility handling milk, wheat, peanuts, almonds, coconut, and hazelnuts. Transparency about the quality of this process could be improved.

A Sweet Showdown: Jeremy’s Chocolate Vs Hershey’s Chocolate

In the chocolate industry, Hershey’s faces challenges, opening doors for newcomers like Jeremy’s Chocolate. Despite Jeremy’s promising qualities, the $24.99 pre-order price sparks skepticism. This comparison explores both brands, considering their strengths and drawbacks. Consumers should weigh factors like cost and past performance for an informed decision. Public reviews will shape the evolving narrative on Jeremy’s Chocolate against the established Hershey’s.

Final Thoughts: Jeremy’s Chocolate Reviews

In conclusion, Jeremy’s chocolate bars bring a playful touch to the chocolate scene. However, the hefty $24.99 pre-order price and the undisclosed manufacturing location prompt reservations about the overall quality. Public feedback will be instrumental in forming a more definitive opinion. Share your experiences in the comments – the chocolate competition is underway!


What sets Jeremy’s Chocolate apart from other brands?

Jeremy’s Chocolate distinguishes itself as a unique confectionery brand, offering both HeHim and SheHer variations. Its novelty lies in the clever incorporation of nutty elements and the use of fair trade ingredients.

Is there a nut-free alternative among Jeremy’s Chocolate offerings?

Absolutely! Jeremy’s SheHer Chocolate provides a nut-free indulgence featuring Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar, Dried Milk Powder, and Fair Trade Cocoa Powder.

Where is Jeremy’s Chocolate manufactured?

While the specific manufacturing locale remains undisclosed, Jeremy’s Chocolates are meticulously crafted in a facility handling milk, wheat, peanuts, almonds, coconut, and hazelnuts.

How does Jeremy’s Chocolate stand up against Hershey’s?

Jeremy’s Chocolate introduces a fresh perspective, but a definitive assessment awaits public feedback. Hershey’s, a seasoned industry player, has recently faced controversies, setting the stage for an intriguing chocolate comparison.