Karla Homolka, this name can run down chills into anyone’s spine in Canada. She, along with her husband, Paul Bernardo, sexually abused and killed teenage girls, including her younger sister. Despite such horrific actions, she only served 12 years in prison and was released in 2005. The questions arise: Did Karla Homolka’s parents forgive her? Did they allow her to live in their home? Read the article about how Karla became a sensational name in Canadian crime history and the aftermath of the case.

Karla Homolka: Early Life & Marriage

Karla Homolka was born to Mr. Karel Homolka and Dorothy. She has two younger sisters, Tammy and Lori Homolka. Karla is a pet lover and worked at a vet’s office. When she was 17, she met Paul Bernardo, 23, at a pet convention, who worked there. They soon felt connected with each other and got married. As per reports, Bernardo was a psychopath who enjoyed harassing teenage girls sexually and sodomizing them. Karla was his accomplice in accomplishing these heinous acts. Further, we will share the details of the cases where they both harassed and killed the teenage girls, including Tammy, Karla’s younger sister.

Sensational Cases & Repercussions

Karla alleged Paul for domestic violence and physical and emotional harassment to accompany him into his misdeeds. However, when the videotapes and recording surfaces of their acts were, it was concluded that Paul never pressured Karla; she happily supported him as she herself enjoyed these acts. Their first target was Tammy, and then they did the same with Jane Doe and Leslie Mahaffy.

  • Tammy Homolka: Paul Bernardo got attracted to Tammy in 1990; she was 15 then. Karla made a plan to help her husband. She stole the drugs from her workplace and drugged Tammy during a Christmas party dinner. When she was unconscious, Paul and Karla harassed her sexually. Due to the impact of the drug, she died choking on her own vomit.
  • Jane Doe: She was Karla’s friend and met her at a vet shop. In 1991, when she was 15, Karla invited her home and then drugged her. Both Karla and Paul sexually assaulted and recorded their misdeeds. After a few months, they again called her and drugged to assault her. 
  • Leslie Mahaffy: She was 14 when the couple abducted her and assaulted her. As per reports, Karla testified that they didn’t want to kill her, but she had seen their faces, which compelled them to kill her otherwise, she would have recognized them.


Karla left Paul in 1993 because of physical abuse.  Soon after, Bernardo was identified as a rapist, and an investigation started. Karla soon realized her mistake, and due to the fear of arrest, she confessed everything to a family member about her relationship with Bernardo. She hired a lawyer and filed a plea bargain for a 12-year sentence. The government agreed on the condition that she would provide testimony against Paul. She got eligibility for parole on the pretext of good behavior for 3-years. During the trial, videotapes of her and Bernardo’s sexual assault on victims were found, and it was clearly visible that she was not the victim she had shown herself to be. She seemed to enjoy their illicit sexual activities. Later, based on the evidence provided by Karla, Bernardo received a life sentence.

Did Karla Homolka’s Parents Forgive Her?

In 2005, Karla was released after completing her sentence. The media then interviewed her father and asked if he would welcome his daughter into his home. To this, he replied, “Neither I nor any other family member would greet her.” However, people have different opinions on this. Some opined that forgiveness is the biggest virtue, and it also comforts the sufferer. Whereas some opined that Karla cannot be forgiven considering her heinous deeds; some even said that she saved herself by playing a victim card otherwise, she deserved the harder punishment from the court of law. The answer to “Did Karla Homolka’s parent forgive her?” is elusive. The latest report showed that she has started her new life in Quebec, is married to a friend, and has three kids.

In Summary

Karla Homolka’s case is still a horror story after three decades. It shows how a human mind can wreak havoc when not nurtured properly. It is the collective responsibility of parents, teachers, and society to teach children to live an ethical life. However, when someone like Karla and Paul commits a heinous crime, we often question their upbringing. Indeed, parents are the primary source of learning morality, but society plays an equal role. After serving a 12-year sentence in jail, Karla married, had three children, and led a normal life. However, Her father, Karel, publicly stated that he could never forgive his daughter after witnessing all those things.