Are you tired of spending a significant chunk of your budget on rising fuel costs? The promise of improved gas mileage through devices like the MileMax fuel saver may have piqued your interest. The MileMax fuel saver reviews closely examine this OBD2 fuel-saving device that claims to optimize fuel efficiency without compromising performance. Does it live up to its promises, or is it just an automotive Milemax fuel saver scam? Let’s dive in.

An In-Depth Look At MileMax Fuel Saver

MileMax, also known as Mile Max, is marketed as an OBD2 fuel-saving device available at The website offers enticing discounts and free delivery for this product. According to their claims, it collects data on your vehicle’s characteristics and driving style and then uses this information to enhance fuel efficiency. All you need to do is connect it to your OBD-II port and drive approximately 150 miles to see the improvements.

Sounds appealing, right? But the burning question is whether these claims hold water. Let’s find out.

Testing MileMax Fuel Saver On A User’s 2008 Prius & 2003 Ford Expedition

To put MileMax to the test, he tried it on his 2008 Prius, expecting a modest 35% improvement in fuel efficiency. However, his experience was far from what was promised. Instead of saving gas, he actually lost about 6 miles per gallon (mpg) in fuel efficiency, even without driving the full 150 miles.

To further assess its effectiveness, he attempted to use MileMax on a 2003 Ford Expedition. The device’s light kept flashing, raising doubts about its compatibility with this vehicle. His auto mechanic’s reaction was a chuckle, emphasizing the skepticism surrounding MileMax’s claims.

MileMax Fuel Saver Reviews: Is It Scam Or Legit?

The cloud of deception hovers prominently over the MileMax brand. Initially, it was assumed that MileMax was associated with the tire company that manufactures Windforce MileMax tires, but this assumption was incorrect. Upon investigation, it was discovered that MileMax Tyre had no connection to this fuel saver.

When he analyzed the device, it became clear that this device falls short in many aspects. It lacks a drive for CAM, does not establish any connection to OBD communication, and operates solely to power an LED flasher. To truly impact fuel consumption, fundamental factors such as, tire size, rolling resistance, vehicle weight, and friction in moving parts need to be addressed. No plug-and-play device can alter these core elements.

Moreover, Mile Max Fuel Saver isn’t new to the market. Similar products under different names, like Ecofuel and EcoPlus, have surfaced in the past, failing to deliver on their fuel-saving promises. These devices are typically purchased in bulk from China for a fraction of the price at which they are resold to consumers.

In essence, this fuel saver is nothing more than an expensive LED flasher with no real impact on fuel consumption.

Does Mile Max Fuel Saver Truly Decrease Fuel Usage & Enhance Fuel Economy?

Ignore the positive reviews on; MileMax is far from a legitimate product, and it does not live up to its claims of reducing fuel consumption and saving gas. If you’re genuinely interested in cutting down on fuel expenses, Energy.GOV provides practical fuel-saving tips. These include combining trips, removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle, ensuring proper maintenance, and avoiding aggressive driving. While each tip may seem minor on its own, the cumulative effect can make a significant difference in fuel savings.

In Conclusion: Is MileMax Fuel Saver Scam?

MileMax is a fuel-saving device marketed with deceptive claims. Its promises of improved car performance and reduced fuel consumption are simply not true. After a test by a user on his own vehicle, it can be confidently concluded that Milemax is nothing more than a gimmick, a scam designed to take advantage of consumers’ desire to save on fuel costs. If you’re seeking real fuel efficiency, look elsewhere, as Milemax is not the solution you’ve been searching for.


  1. What is a MileMax fuel saver, and how does it claim to improve fuel efficiency?

It is an OBD2 device marketed to optimize fuel efficiency by collecting data on your vehicle’s characteristics and driving style. It claims to make fuel-saving adjustments without compromising performance.

  1. Are there any legitimate alternatives to MileMax fuel saver for saving on fuel costs?

Yes, there are legitimate alternatives to this fuel saver for improving fuel efficiency. Some practical tips include combining trips, removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle, maintaining your car properly, and avoiding aggressive driving.

  1. How can I genuinely improve my vehicle’s fuel efficiency without relying on devices like MileMax fuel saver?

You can genuinely enhance your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by adopting smart driving habits, ensuring regular vehicle maintenance, and being mindful of factors like tire pressure and weight. Additionally, reducing idling time and using the right grade of motor oil can contribute to better fuel economy.