Love is in the air and you have now set the date for that most special day of your life, your wedding! You both love the great outdoors and can’t think of a better way to say your vows than under the open sky! You have found the perfect location, be it a beautiful beach, a quaint farm, or even your own family’s garden, it’s the place you want to start the rest of your life together! Even though it all looks wonderful, there are still some things to consider, and it’s always best to be prepared ahead of time for any possible snags, like unexpected inclement weather!

The Right Season

Considering that you are both outdoor enthusiasts you are probably aware of what the seasons might have in store for your plans, so you have wisely thought ahead and chosen the time of year when the weather is likely to be at its nicest. Even so, the weather is famously unpredictable, and even though you two might think it would be hilarious fun to shout your vows over the wind in a sudden squall, you have to think of your poor guests who might not be enjoying the gusts, and make sure they have a place to take shelter! This is where marquee hire in Perth is going to save the day, you can rent a wide variety of attractive tent structures that will keep the wind and rain off of your guests, while also being a great place to put the tables and chairs so they can relax out of the elements before and after the ceremony!

Uninvited Guests

No, we don’t mean wedding crashers, your gate staff can look out for those while they check invitations, we mean critters! The great outdoors also happens to be home to mosquitoes and flies, so you need to take steps to protect your guests from their unwanted attention! So, make sure every guest receives a complimentary one-use-sized spray bottle of insect repellent that they can choose to spray on themselves if they wish to! A wonderful natural way to dissuade insect interlopers is to choose naturally insect-repelling plants and flowers like lavender, mint, and marigolds for your bouquets and displays, they look great, smell nice, and will keep the bugs at bay!

Sound System

Being outdoors is wonderful, but it can also be a bit noisy! It would be a shame if the guests couldn’t hear you exchanging your vows over the crash of the surf, a stiff breeze blowing, flocks of birds calling, or other sounds of nature. While it might add atmosphere, that background noise can make it hard to hear, so be sure to have a sound system on hand to amplify your voice so all can enjoy your words of love! Then you can use it to play the music at the following reception and for the best man to say embarrassing things about the groom for all to enjoy but him!

If you decide to get married in one of Australia’s many national parks or other public places, make sure to get your permits and scheduling approved in advance! We hope you enjoy your outdoor wedding, congratulations!