Thailand is among the top countries for treating different types of diseases. Patients are attracted by many factors.

Why Treat Cancer In Thailand?

Doctor.Global is an information portal that unites 30 clinics in Thailand. On the site, you will be offered to choose conveniently located clinics. On one platform you will be able to read reviews of real patients. You can save time and get to the treatment stage faster. You will have confidence in the clinic you choose.

This is one of the advantages of treatment in this country. For a successful recovery, you need to get rid of anxiety and stress.By the way, the service does not take additional payment for its favors. You deposit the amount into the account exactly as you would have paid, cooperating directly with the clinic. The money is frozen in the process of treatment and transferred to the hospital only after the final procedures. Treatment can not be pleasant in full, it is not the best thing to do, but you can make it more comfortable.

A definite plus in cancer treatment in Thailand is low prices with a good level of medical services. This state mainly accepts patients from Asian countries, but residents of Europe also come. The average price for oncology diagnostics and treatment in Thailand hospitals is $87375. This is an approximate figure. It can be less or more depending on the chosen clinic.

There is a great choice of clinics here. Everyone can find one that suits their budget, treatment needs, and conditions. The capital Bangkok has the most hospitals. Usually, more complex operations are performed here, but this is not always the case. Thailand has excellent conditions for cancer treatment. Operations for this disease are performed at a good level. The Red Cross has given Bumrungrad International Hospital the highest classification “A”. Here treatment starts with quality diagnostics. The availability of equipment in this hospital allows specialists to detect pathologies and indicate a reliable prognosis of tumor development. And in terms of time, these examinations take no more than three days. Here you will be offered a wide range of procedures: chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and the best glioblastoma treatment in the world. It is worth noting that doctors even involve other specialists from different fields for consultation. This is the right approach because in treatment you need to look at the disease from all sides.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is one of the leaders in medical tourism in Thailand. It also provides services of international standards. It is the ideal choice for those who want to relax, unwind, and combine this with top-class treatment. The hospital was the first on the island to receive international accreditation from JCI and has the International Standard Organization (ISO) and HA Accreditation marks from the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement & Accreditation of the Ministry of Public Health. It is worth noting that the staff and doctors are not only local but also visiting doctors from the USA and Europe.

Minuses Of Treatment

If you go directly to the clinic, there is a chance you may encounter a language barrier. There are not always staff interpreters or staff who speak English. This is a big problem because you need to communicate with doctors and be aware of all the subtleties.

There may be difficulties with further treatment when you arrive in your home country. In your country, there may be no medicines prescribed by a doctor in Thailand. Or you may encounter different standards of care and medical practices.

Follow-up treatment or rehabilitation in the same location is not always available. You’ve had your treatment and need to go home – that’s fine. But, if you have to undergo another course of treatment in Thailand soon, there can be complications. Usually, doctors supervise the rehab portion online. You can get all the information and work with your Thai doctor, send him tests, and so on.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved in medical tourism. Possible complications or unforeseen circumstances. These may arise during treatment, but this is rare.

The length of stay can also be a disadvantage. In your own country, you can easily combine work and treatment. In Thailand, this can be a problem. For those who work remotely, or have the opportunity not to work – it will not be a problem. But you should take into account that some types of treatment require a long stay in the hospital.

One of the disadvantages is the accommodation of relatives in hotels, monetary costs for transportation, food expenses, personal costs, and other services. But your health is the most expensive thing you have. So do not worry and apply to the best clinics. You will get decent accommodation, it will affect your recovery and well-being.

Air conditioning in Thailand does not bypass many patients. It has a special climate with high humidity. Locals and tourists face infections. You can control this with trivial and simple things such as washing your hands and food thoroughly.

We are sure that with a service with clinics and qualified doctors, you will not encounter any problems. We recommend not to refuse insurance, it will add confidence to your travels.

How To Start Cancer Treatment In Thailand? 

All you have to do is go to Doctor. Global, choose a country and select a doctor. It is very simple! Do not delay with diagnosis and treatment. Take action immediately, after the first signs of ill health and malaise. We have time on our side. It is important to react quickly. Even the best clinics and doctors cannot always help in the last stages of the disease. After treatment, follow all doctor’s prescriptions. Try to undergo annual check-ups and constantly monitor the condition of the body. Be healthy!