Online shopping offers convenience, but it also comes with risks, especially when it comes to unfamiliar products and websites. Restofinisher, marketed on, claims to restore wood furniture to its former glory. However, our investigation reveals significant discrepancies between the product’s promises and its actual performance. Here’s what you need to know before considering a purchase:

Restofinisher: False Advertising

Restofinisher’s website boasts a wood finisher penetrating faded shellac, lacquer, and varnish finishes, promising to rejuvenate wood furniture. Regrettably, numerous customers have debunked these claims. According to their experiences, the product is essentially olive oil packaged in a “Wood Finish Restorer bottle.” This stark inconsistency between the advertised product and the actual contents is a clear red flag.

Inadequate Product Information

The product received by customers lacks essential information, such as ingredient lists, usage instructions, UPC codes, manufacturer details, addresses, etc. This lack of transparency is concerning, as consumers have the right to know what they are applying to their furniture.

Misleading Origin Information

While claims that the product ships from the United States, investigations have shown that it originates from China. This discrepancy raises questions about the company’s honesty and potentially impacts shipping times and costs.

Safety Concerns

Restofinisher has been marketed as a non-toxic solution for wood restoration. However, it contains ingredients that can cause eye irritation and discomfort. Additionally, the product is inflammable, posing potential risks during use and storage.

Mimicking A Trusted Brand

Restofinisher appears to have borrowed its name from the well-established “Restor A Finish” product. This mimicry can mislead consumers into thinking they are purchasing a reputable product when, in fact, they are not.

Customer Feedback

Despite positive reviews displayed on, these testimonials appear to be fabricated. Independent customers who purchased and used the Wood Finish Restorer were left disappointed. The product did not live up to its claims, leaving furniture and flooring looking oily and unchanged.


Based on our investigation and customer feedback, Restofinisher appears to be a product that falls far short of its advertised claims. It raises concerns related to false advertising, product contents, origin information, safety, and mimicking a reputable brand. For those seeking a genuine wood finish restoration solution, we strongly advise looking elsewhere and exercising caution when exploring unfamiliar online products and platforms.

Protecting Your Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping fraud is a significant concern in today’s digital landscape. To safeguard your financial interests, consider the following tips:

  1. Research Thoroughly: Investigate products and websites before making a purchase. Look for verified customer reviews and ratings.
  2. Check Product Information: Ensure that products provide comprehensive information, including ingredient lists and usage instructions.
  3. Verify Origin and Shipping: Be wary of inconsistencies in origin information and be cautious when dealing with overseas purchases.
  4. Prioritize Safety: Confirm that products are safe to use and do not pose health risks.
  5. Beware of Brand Mimicry: Watch out for products that closely mimic trusted brands, as they may not deliver the same quality or reliability.

In the realm of online shopping, vigilance is your greatest ally. If an offer seems too good to be true, verifying its authenticity before proceeding with a purchase is essential. Your financial safety is paramount.

Note: This review is based on available information and customer experiences and may vary for individuals. Seek advice from trusted sources when evaluating online products.

FAQs: Restofinisher Review

  1. Is Restofinisher safe to use on wood furniture and cabinets?

Based on customer feedback and our investigation, Restofinisher raises safety concerns due to potential eye irritation and inflammability. It’s advisable to exercise caution when considering its use.

  1. Can Restofinisher genuinely restore wood furniture, as advertised on their website?

According to numerous customer experiences, Restofinisher does not live up to its claims of rejuvenating wood furniture. Customers have reported disappointing results, suggesting that it may not be an effective wood restoration solution.

  1. How can I protect myself from online shopping fraud and misleading products like Restofinisher?

To safeguard your online shopping experience, it’s essential to research products and websites thoroughly, verify product information, confirm the origin and shipping details, prioritize safety, and be cautious of products that mimic trusted brands. Vigilance is key when evaluating unfamiliar online products and platforms.