In the pursuit of authentic online shopping, deciphering becomes paramount. These comprehensive reviews aim to dissect the legitimacy, product offerings, and customer experiences of Dive into the details below to uncover the truth and make informed decisions before engaging with this online platform.

Understanding functions as an online retailer, specializing in Air Jordan, McQueen, and NIKE x Sacai categories. The website’s domain was registered on May 22, 2021, as per the whois record. However, it currently holds a trust score of only 1%. The featured collections include:

  • Sacai x Vaporwaffle ‘Sail Gum’
  • Alxnder Mc Mcque*n
  • Undercover x Sacai x Nike Ldwaffle “Bright Citron” among others.

Key Information About

  • Website Name: Rimisneaker
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: Not available
  • Contact Number: +8615622391330
  • Payment Options: All Online payment modes

Highlights Of

  1. SSL Certificate and HTTPS: The website provides a valid SSL certificate and uses HTTPS, which ensures a secure connection for consumers. This is a positive feature as it helps protect sensitive information during transactions.
  2. Accessible Policies: offers accessible and valid policies for customers. This is important for transparency and helps customers understand the terms and conditions, including return policies and other relevant information.
  3. Maximum Discount Offers: The website offers discounts of up to 40%, which can be attractive to potential customers looking for deals and savings on their purchases.

Downsides Of The Brand

  1. Low Trust Score: A trust score of 1% according to Scamadviser is a major concern. A low trust score indicates potential risks and may deter customers from trusting with their personal and financial information.
  2. Negative Reviews: External sites feature negative reviews about the portal. Negative reviews can significantly impact the reputation of a website and raise doubts about the reliability of the products and services offered.
  3. Recent Domain Registration: The Rimisnekers’s website was registered on May 22, 2021. While not necessarily a red flag, the newness of the site may raise doubts for some users. Scammers often create new websites to engage in fraudulent activities and then disappear.
  4. Contact Address Legitimacy: The absence of a contact address raises concerns about the legitimacy of A reputable online business usually provides a physical address to establish trust with customers.
  5. Customer Complaints: Although there are no customer reviews or ratings found, the absence of positive feedback may be a concern. Legitimate and trustworthy websites typically have customer reviews as a testament to their reliability.
  6. Email Legitimacy: While the provided email address ( is given, the legitimacy of the email contact cannot be fully verified. A lack of multiple contact options may be a drawback for customers seeking assistance.
  7. Return Policy Charges: While the website has a return policy, customers are responsible for round-trip freight and customs charges. This can be a downside for customers, as they may incur additional costs even for returning unused and original packaging items.

Conclusion: Reviews

In conclusion, presents potential red flags with its low trust score, negative external reviews, and recent domain registration. While it provides an SSL certificate and accessible policies, caution is advised. Exploring customer feedback is crucial for making informed decisions and contributing to a safer online shopping community.

Note: As always, buyer beware, and thorough research is recommended before engaging with


Is legitimate?

While offers products from popular brands like Air Jordan, McQueen, and NIKE x Sacai, its low trust score of 1% and negative external reviews raise concerns about its legitimacy. It is advisable to exercise caution and thoroughly research before making any purchases.

What payment options does accept? accepts all online payment modes. However, given the potential risks associated with the site’s low trust score, customers should consider the security of their financial information before using online payment methods.

Are there any additional charges for returns on

Yes, customers are responsible for round-trip freight and customs charges when returning items on This additional cost may be a downside for customers, even when returning unused and original packaging items.

Is it safe to contact through the provided email address (

The legitimacy of the provided email address cannot be fully verified. While the website offers an email contact option, the absence of a physical contact address and the low trust score suggest caution. Customers seeking assistance should be aware of potential risks and consider alternative means of contact or thorough research before reaching out.