You’re not alone if you’ve been hit with an unexpected charge from In this detailed reviews article, we unravel the scam, explaining its workings, how to cancel subscriptions, and crucial tips to avoid falling victim. Discover the truth about, including the fine print that often goes unnoticed. Stay informed and protect your finances from deceptive online practices. Read on to safeguard yourself against the scam.


It offers an online subscription service with a unique cashback feature for online purchases. The platform promises a hassle-free way to earn rewards for your online shopping activities. Users appreciate the concept of getting something extra for their purchases, making an enticing option for savvy online shoppers.

Understanding The Mechanism Of The Scam

This platform, while offering a seemingly appealing service, operates a deceptive scam. After an online purchase, users encounter the website, which promises free cashback but cleverly hides subscription details in minuscule text. Subscribers often realize too late that they’ve unwittingly signed up for a paid service, resulting in a monthly charge of $19.00. Victims report difficulties in canceling subscriptions, with non-functional buttons and unresponsive customer service channels.

Steering Clear Of The Scam Pitfall

  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions associated with
  • Always invest time in reading the fine print before committing to online agreements or purchases.
  • Ensure that any pre-ticked boxes are unchecked to prevent inadvertent enrollment in hidden subscriptions.
  • Act swiftly if there is a limited window for canceling subscriptions to avoid unwanted charges.
  • Conduct thorough research before sharing any bank details to safeguard against potential scams.
  • Maintain records of advertisements, either by printing or taking screenshots, for future reference.
  • Stay proactive by regularly checking bank statements for any unexpected or unauthorized payments.
  • Maintain a vigilant stance against unexpected payments and investigate any discrepancies promptly.

Steps To Cancel Subscription

Want to cancel subscription? However, it can be a challenging endeavor, as users have reported difficulties despite the existence of an unsubscribe button that often proves ineffective. Swift action is crucial for individuals facing this predicament. Victims are advised to promptly report any unauthorized transactions to their cardholders, a step that may increase the likelihood of securing a refund. For an additional layer of protection, closing the credit card linked to the unauthorized charges and requesting a new one is recommended. Furthermore, opting for text notifications from one’s bank can significantly increase the possibility of identifying and addressing any unauthorized charges promptly. Reviews: Final Verdict

In a world where online scams lurk, understanding the scam is crucial. While the platform offers enticing features, its deceptive practices and elusive cancellation processes raise concerns. Stay vigilant, read the fine print, and protect your financial well-being. If you’ve fallen victim to the scam, act swiftly to report unauthorized transactions and seek refunds. By staying informed, you can navigate the digital landscape securely and make informed choices about online subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can be reported or sued for its practices?

While the practices may adhere to subscription commerce laws, their advertisements can be deemed unlawfully deceptive. Users can report them to authorities like Action Fraud or local law enforcement.

How much does charge?

Users report unauthorized charges of $3 for the subscription fee and a monthly fee of $19.

How can I protect myself from falling into the scam trap?

To avoid the scam, carefully scrutinize terms and conditions, read the fine print before making any online agreements or purchases, and ensure that pre-ticked boxes are unchecked. Act promptly if a limited cancellation window exists, and never share bank details without thorough research.

Does offer customer support for resolving issues?

Users often report non-functional buttons and unresponsive customer service channels, making it challenging to seek support directly from this online platform.

Are there any warning signs of the scam during an online purchase?

Watch out for promises of free cashback, as it often hides subscription details in tiny text, leading users to sign up for a paid service unknowingly.