In the era of modern trends, online shopping has become a cornerstone of convenience. Sixshe, an online fashion store catering to women’s clothing and footwear, claims to offer top-notch items at affordable prices. This article dives into reviews, exploring the site’s credibility, product quality, and potential red flags to assist you make an informed decision.


Sixshe is a women’s fashion brand that specializes in offering a diverse collection of clothing and footwear. The brand is committed to ensuring that fashion is accessible to every woman by providing affordable and stylish items. With a mission to expand its presence across various fashion categories, Sixshe clothing offers a wide range of women’s fashion items. The collection includes suits, tops, jumpers, coats, jackets, slippers, sandals, loafers, heels, flats, and sneakers. By catering to a spectrum of fashion needs, Sixshe aims to bring a touch of style into the lives of women from different walks of life.

A Closer Look At Sixshe’s Online Presence

Aspect Details
Establishment Date Founded on July 9th, 2021.
Popularity and Trust Not widely popular, but holds a 100% trust score according to a validator.
Risk Assessment 13% threat profile indicates a moderate risk level.
Online Environment Demonstrates a 12% proximity to dubious websites.
Security Measures Utilizes secure HTTPS connections and holds a valid SSL certificate.
Social Media Credibility Presence on Facebook adds to overall credibility.

Navigating Quality & Trust With Sixshe

  1. Product Quality: Positive customer feedback echoes the high quality of products, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.
  2. Prices and Payment Options: Sixshe offers reasonable prices, coupled with free shipping for orders surpassing $79. The flexibility of payment methods, including Google Pay, Shop Pay, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay, AMEX, and Mastercard, caters to diverse customer preferences.
  3. Founder Information: Despite providing contact details, the absence of information about the owner raises concerns about transparency.
  4. Contact and Address: Sixshe ensures customer support through a provided care number and email. However, a similar phone number found on another online platform raises a potential red flag.
  5. Shipping Policy: With varying delivery times based on the region, Sixshe aims to accommodate diverse customer locations. Additionally, the provision of free shipping on orders over $79 enhances the overall shopping experience.
  6. Refund and Return Policy: Sixshe allows returns within 30 days, emphasizing the importance of items being unused, unworn, undamaged, and in their original condition. The commitment to processing refunds within seven business days after receiving the returned item contributes to customer satisfaction.
  7. Customer Reviews: Positive testimonials, both on the official site and other platforms, underscore the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.
  8. Promotions and Discounts: Sixshe entices customers with attractive discounts and coupon deals, including a welcoming 10% discount on the first order. Additional savings can be enjoyed through coupon codes MD10 and MD20 for multiple items.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Established website with 100% trust score Limited online popularity
Positive buyer reviews Lack of information about the owner
Attractive discount offers Potentially fishy phone number
Free shipping on qualifying orders

Conclusion: Reviews

As we conclude our exploration into Sixshe clothing, founded in 2021, a complex tapestry unfolds. Despite a moderate risk profile, the brand maintains a solid 100% trust score, emphasizing reliability. Positive customer reviews affirm product quality, while reasonable prices and free shipping on $79+ orders cater to budget-conscious shoppers.

However, transparency blurs with an undisclosed founder and a potential red flag tied to a similar phone number. Customer-centric policies shine through, offering flexible returns and swift refunds, echoing a commitment to satisfaction. While commendable, cautious exploration is advised, balancing promising facets with discreet pitfalls in the enigma of Sixshe.


Is Sixshe a trustworthy online clothing store? has a 100% trust score, indicating reliability. However, explore customer reviews and details about the founder for a comprehensive assessment.

What is the shipping policy of Sixshe?

Sixshe offers varying delivery times based on the region. Free shipping is provided on orders over $79, making it convenient for budget-conscious shoppers.

Can I trust the positive customer reviews on Sixshe’s official site?

Positive testimonials suggest customer satisfaction, but it’s advisable to check reviews on other platforms for a more unbiased perspective on product quality and service.

Are there any red flags when considering Sixshe as an online fashion destination?

The absence of information about the owner and a potentially fishy phone number raise transparency concerns. Exercise caution and thoroughly research before making a purchase.