Were you seeking an effective grease remover for your kitchen and bought Splash Spray cleaner? Evaluate the Splash Foam Spray reviews to know the reality behind this cleaning product. In this article, we examine the features and performance of Splash Spray Cleaner while analyzing its pros and cons. Whether you’re considering it for your oven or counter, our comprehensive evaluation will guide you through decision-making. Before purchasing, let’s know the truth about Splash Foam Spray’s claims.

Overview Of Splash Foam Spray

Splash Foam Spray, housed in a convenient spray can, boasts versatile cleaning capabilities on various surfaces. It performs well at cleaning mold, metal, plastic, grout, and stone, but most people like it best for cleaning ovens. Its foaming contains ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, calcium carbonate, oils, and SLS. But does it fulfill its promise? Let’s analyze its efficacy by evaluating different aspects.

Where To Buy?

Splash Foam Spray can be purchased from the official website, splashfoamspray.com, and Amazon. Prices may vary, but they typically range around $14.25.

How To Use?

Using Splash Foam Spray involves dissolving a tablet in warm water, shaking the mixture, spraying it on the surface, waiting up to 10 minutes for tough spots, and finally wiping with a cloth or paper towel.

Splash Spray Reviews: User Insights

A user shared his experience using this cleaning spray:

“Approaching Splash Foam Spray with skepticism, my curiosity led me to test its efficiency. Ordering from splashsprayfoam.com, the delivery was prompt, arriving in three days. While the fragrance was pleasing, disappointingly, the foam failed to materialize as expected when sprayed on the counter. Furthermore, its cleaning performance fell short of removing basic dirt from my oven. Seeking resolution, I contacted customer service and was offered a 50% refund with the product retained for other cleaning needs. The customer service was notably responsive and accommodating despite its cleaning shortcomings.”

Analysis Of Pros & Cons


  • Swift Delivery: This product’s major advantage is its instant delivery. This ensures that customers receive their items in a timely manner and have an overall positive shopping experience.
  • Pleasant Fragrance: Another benefit is the pleasant fragrance that enhances the sensory appeal and creates a more enjoyable atmosphere around you.


  • Limited Effectiveness on Kitchen Counter Grease: One drawback to be mindful of is the product’s perceived inefficiency in tackling stubborn kitchen counter grease. Customers may find it less effective in handling specific cleaning challenges, particularly in the kitchen environment.
  • Impractical Refund Policy: Another aspect to consider is the product’s less-than-ideal refund policy. Customers may face difficulties or restrictions when returning or exchanging the item. Consumers need to be aware of these policies before making a buying decision as they may face dissatisfaction.

Is Splash Foam Spray Worth Your Money?

User experience and customer reviews on Trustpilot suggest that Splash Foam Spray may not justify its cost. One user on the platform labeled the product as “pure junk” that failed to deliver on any cleaning front. The promise of 10 tablets equating to 10 months of cleaning may be misleading, as user experiences indicate a disparity between expectation and reality. Notably, the company’s toilet cleaner also receives limited positive feedback.

Splash Foam Spray Reviews: In Summary

In conclusion, while Splash Foam Spray presents itself as a versatile cleaning solution, practical experiences suggest a divergence from its claims. While its delivery and fragrance are commendable, its cleaning efficacy raises concerns. Customer service, however, exhibits responsiveness. The decision to invest in Splash Foam Spray should be made considering its limitations, potential benefits, and individual cleaning needs.


Is Splash Foam Spray effective on various surfaces?

This cleaning spray claims versatility on surfaces like mold, metal, plastic, grout, and stone. However, user reviews suggest it excels primarily in oven cleaning.

Where can I purchase Splash Foam Spray?

It is available on its official website, splashfoamspray.com, and also on Amazon. Prices may differ, typically around $14.25.

How do I use Splash Foam Spray?

To use, dissolve a tablet in warm water, shake the mixture, spray on the surface, wait up to 10 minutes for tough spots, and wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

What are the pros and cons of Splash Foam Spray?

Pros: Swift Delivery, Enchanting Fragrance.

Cons: Limited Effectiveness on Kitchen Counter Grease, Unfavorable Refund Policies.