Many motorcyclists suffer significant injuries in crashes caused by negligent drivers. These injuries can result in substantial financial losses. An experienced attorney will use medical records, testimony from expert witnesses, and physical evidence to support your claim for maximum compensation.

A good motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover damages for all your losses. This article will discuss the most common losses victims incur after a crash.

Medical Bills

Severe injuries in motorcycle accidents can result in costly medical bills. This is especially true if you need long-term care. Those expenses quickly pile up and can easily exceed six figures, if not more. This can force households to drain savings accounts, amass credit card debt, and sell personal belongings.

A lawyer can help you get compensation for these expenses and others, including pain and suffering. This can include the physical pain and emotional trauma caused by your injuries. In addition, a lawyer can help you seek compensation for lost enjoyment of life. This can include a loss of hobbies and other activities you enjoyed before the accident. A jury or court will determine the monetary value of these losses. Your attorney will ensure that the liable parties pay what they owe you.

Lost Wages

Many motorcyclists suffer injuries in serious accidents that result in significant medical expenses. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain compensation for these costs. They can also pursue compensation for future lost wages if their injuries prevent them from returning to work or require changing their type of work.

A seasoned motorcycle crash lawyer understands how to document and calculate these damages. They can negotiate with insurers or take your case to trial if necessary.

A lawyer will also serve as a counselor and advisor during an emotionally difficult time. They can help you cope with the stress and anxiety caused by a motorcycle accident.

Pain & Suffering

In addition to monetary damages incurred due to a motorcycle accident, victims may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages, encompassing physical discomfort and emotional distress in a personal injury case.

The psychological impact of a motorcycle accident can be just as devastating as the financial cost. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help ensure victims are properly compensated for their pain and suffering.

Often, the pain and suffering caused by an accident can be long-lasting, especially when it leads to chronic medical conditions or permanent impairments. Injured victims may lose the enjoyment of life activities like hobbies and sports and even have developmental problems such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Damage To Property

Many motorcycle accidents result in costly medical bills, lost income, and physical and psychological pain and suffering. An attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Your lawyer can collect evidence, including police reports, eyewitness recollections and other relevant information, to present a strong case for compensation on your behalf. They can also help you obtain expert witnesses to support your claim.

Your accident attorney is a seasoned negotiator who regularly deals with auto insurance companies and can negotiate a settlement that covers all your losses. They can also pursue any non-economic damages you may be eligible for, like loss of enjoyment of life or disfigurement. They will handle all the details so you can focus on your recovery.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is always difficult to bear, especially when their death resulted from someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. Depending on state law, the deceased’s estate may be entitled to sue for wrongful death.

A lawyer can help ensure the applicable statute of limitations files a wrongful death claim. They will also provide proper notice to anyone who needs it.

An attorney can also handle any communications with an insurance company on your behalf. They know how to negotiate and will get a fair settlement for your losses. They can also help you determine what damages are appropriate in your case, including non-economic damages such as emotional suffering.