It takes a certain type of person to not only enjoy spending hours traversing the great outdoors, but to actually want to spend all their valuable vacation time hiking.

For those hikers and semi-professional walkers who, while realizing the importance of practical clothing, shoes, and accessories, still want to uphold their fashionista status then read on. Here are some great tips and tricks for looking great and feeling comfortable on your next walking vacation.

Head Out On A Few Training Walks

Officially arranged training walks are one of the best ways to not only warm up when you haven’t been on such a vacation for some time, but are also a great way of meeting the people you’re going to be spending an entire week with.

You can consider this to be a similar setup as if you were training for a marathon; walk further and further each time, vary the terrain you walk on, and train in all weathers, no matter how cold or wet it is.

Additionally, you should also remember to engage in morning and evening stretches, especially before and after walking, to prepare your muscles for the repetitive strain and to avoid injury.

Invest In High-Quality Footwear

A selection of different pairs of footwear is essential, and in particular, spend time choosing the right shoes with arch support for women. Even though you may see a pair of walking shoes on sale, make sure they’re made by a respected brand, as cheap shoes are rarely good quality.

Not only will your enjoyment of your walking vacation vastly diminish if your shoes become painful and blisters begin to form, but prolonged use of ill-fitting and unsupportive shoes could also lead to life-long issues with your feet and ankles.

Additionally, make sure that you plan your outfits based on the technique of layering, which makes it much easier to adapt to the changing weather as the days go by and it also ensures that you’re not soaked through to the bone during an impromptu downpour.

Start Practicing Yoga

You may never have previously realized the connection between hiking and yoga, but they’re actually much more closely linked than you might think.

Obviously, stretching is at the core of yoga, and as stretching your entire body prior to a grueling walk is vital, why not combine your required stretches with movements designed to target your ligaments and tendons too?

Just some of the additional benefits to your mind, body, and soul which yoga can provide include:

  • A higher tolerance to stress and stressful situations
  • A reduction in depression and anxiety
  • Regulation of your nervous system
  • An aid to weight loss
  • A way to naturally cultivate meditation and mindfulness

Live In The Moment

Like any vacation, a walking holiday takes a lot of planning to ensure the trip goes without a hitch, and with that, the most important thing to know is that you deserve to enjoy every second and live in the moment.

The health benefits of being immersed in nature are such that, not only will your levels of physical health improve and your camera be full of the most stunning natural vistas possible, but your mental health will also experience a boost.