In an age where online scams are on the rise, it’s crucial to exercise caution when navigating the digital landscape. claims to offer a service to update your address with the USPS, but many people have expressed about it being a scam. Read this updateouraddress reviews to expose its deceitful scheme that could cost you more than you bargained for. This article provides insights to make informed decisions and protect your money.

Revealing The Facts: Reviews

When attempting to update your address on this website, you’re initially led to believe that the service costs only $1. However, once the transaction is complete, your card is charged a whopping $49.09. The company’s website cleverly mimics the USPS site, but it conveniently withholds the actual price of the address change service until it’s too late. There’s no upfront notice that your card is about to be charged $49 to submit a change of address request with the USPS.

To add to the deception, when customers attempt to contact the provided customer service number, it simply redirects them to voicemail, leaving them with no immediate recourse.

Steps To Take If You’ve Been Billed Excessively

If you’ve been charged excessively by, there’s no need to worry. You can take proactive steps by filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau website. They can assist in addressing the problem and potentially assist you in recovering the extra charges. It’s essential to remain vigilant, well-informed, and safeguard yourself against deceptive online practices.

Don’t let scammers take advantage of your address change needs. Be aware, be cautious, and avoid at all costs. Your wallet will thank you.

Wrapping Up: Insights From Updateouraddress Reviews

Online scams can pose a significant threat, and is a prime example of deceitful practices. Their misleading pricing strategy, mimicking of the USPS website, and unresponsive customer service are red flags that should not be ignored. If you find yourself overcharged by the scam, don’t panic. You can take action by filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau website, which may help you recover your overcharged funds. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and protect yourself from deceptive online practices. Avoid such platforms to safeguard your finances and refrain from becoming a victim of their deceptive tactics. Your wallet will thank you.


  1. Is a legitimate USPS address change service?

No, it has been flagged for deceptive practices and overcharging customers. It is not a legitimate or trustworthy service for USPS address changes.

  1. How can I recover overcharged funds from

If you’ve been overcharged by, you can file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau website. They can assist you in addressing the issue and potentially recovering your overcharged funds.

  1. Are there alternative and legitimate options for updating my address with USPS?

Yes, the official USPS website ( offers a reliable and legitimate address change service. It is recommended to use USPS’s official platform to ensure a smooth and trustworthy process for updating your address.

  1. Is “ scam” a valid concern?

“ scam” is a significant concern based on reports and customer experiences. Many customers have reported deceptive practices, including misleading pricing and overcharging by this website. It is advisable to exercise caution and seek alternatives for USPS address changes.