Do you feel like the media is bursting with amateur psychics explaining the importance of your zodiac sign? You can find your daily horoscope in a newspaper or online, but did you know that more than one zodiac sign governs your astrological life? For example, if you only read psychic readings for Libra because it’s your sun sign, you are missing out on key information related to your inner and outer worlds. Here are the other signs you should pay attention to when reading your horoscope.

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Rising Sign

Your rising sign is a crucial element of your horoscope, and you probably don’t hear about it often enough. What exactly is a rising sign? Also called your ascendant sign, this aspect of your horoscope is the sign that you would have found on the eastern horizon on the exact day and time that you were born. This sign changes depending on the hour of the day and the location of your birth. You can’t get this information from your birthdate alone.

This sign is important because the sun rises in the east, so the zodiac sign that dominated that part of the sky when you were born holds sway over your entire life. It influences how you perceive yourself, your reality, and other people.

Your ascendant sign might have completely different characteristics than your sun sign, which is the one you’re probably used to reading about because it’s based on your birthday. If you want a complete picture of your personality, motivations, relationships, and career projections, you need to explore your rising sign.

Moon Sign

If you think your horoscope is made up of only one or two signs, you will find it surprising to learn about your moon sign, which completes the trifecta of crucial constellations in your life. When you were born, the moon hung at one specific point in the sky, even if it wasn’t visible to human eyes. This placement of the moon is important because it determines aspects of your inner world and emotional landscape.

If your sun sign is Gemini but you find out that your moon sign is Virgo, you can read a Virgo daily horoscope to dive into the realm of emotions. This can help you find clarity in times of crisis, such as when you feel conflicted about an important decision or when you feel unsettled about a close relationship.

Sun Sign

The final aspect of your horoscope that you need to pay attention to is your sun sign. This may be the easiest sign to relate to, and it’s probably the one you are already most comfortable with. Your sun sign is based on the information about where the sun was on the day of your birth, and it often represents your deepest motivation and your journey to a higher calling or purpose.

Considering how complex you are as a person, it makes sense that you would need to read at least three different horoscopes to get a sense of what’s going on in your life. Subscribe to the Capricorn daily horoscope and your other signs to stay in sync with the celestial energies of the universe.