Bathroom renovations in Sydney can be costly, especially when you’re unprepared for it. Well, there’s no right or wrong time for bathroom renovation. If the space needs a makeover, go ahead and get it done.

Now that the prices for bathroom renovation can be soaring high, it can be a challenge to plan everything. Therefore, many contractors, especially Barr Built, have introduced the concept of flexible payment options to manage costs of bathroom renovations in Sydney. With their expertise, they make renovation easier while also providing you with approximately accurate figures for the renovation process.

How Much Does Bathroom Renovation Cost In Sydney?

Once you decide to opt for bathroom renovation in Sydney, it is crucial that you also prepare yourself for the financial planning that comes with it. The bathroom renovation cost in Sydney can significantly depend on the type of renovation you’re looking for and the size of your bathroom.

On average, bathroom renovation in Sydney can cost around $20,000 to $30,000. However, the number may vary depending on the size of your bathroom. To get an understanding of how much the renovation would cost, you may consider reaching out to a contractor for initial consultation.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Cost

As suggested above, a wide range of factors will impact the bathroom renovation cost in Sydney. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:


The area of your bathroom often influences the bathroom renovation costs. For instance, bigger bathroom renovations usually cost more than the standard-size bathrooms. While a standard bathroom renovation costs between $20,000 and $30,000, the luxurious bathrooms cost more than $30,000.

Material Cost

The material cost can have a huge impact on bathroom renovation costs. The material cost can vary depending on the type of material and its quality. Some materials you need to focus on are floors, fixtures, tile and lighting. It is usually priced according to the unit.

Labour Cost

Labour costs are expected to be one of the highest costs for bathroom renovation in Sydney. Usually, the labourers would charge $50-$80 AUD per hour for renovation in Sydney, depending on demand around that area. Thus, on average, the labour cost adds up to 40-60% of bathroom renovation cost.

Design & Planning

You can add a touch of yourself to your bathroom’s appearance through design and planning. You may discuss this with your contractor, and they can help you settle on a particular design. Some designers charge hourly, whereas some charge based on the overall budget. Their charges vary depending on the scope of service and the complexity of the designs.

Local Market

The locality in Sydney where you opt for renovation significantly influences pricing. Areas like the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches of Sydney have a higher place for bathroom renovation than the other areas. This is mostly because of the high demand for renovation projects in these areas.

Bathroom Renovation In Sydney

Hidden Costs For Bathroom Renovation In Sydney

While these are technically not hidden costs for bathroom renovation, these are more unforeseen circumstances. Some of the additional charges that you may have to bear for bathroom renovation in Sydney include the following:

Removing Old Fixtures

A lot of contractors also charge extra for removing the old fixtures. It is advisable to contact the contractors to clarify the removal of old fixtures in the initial stages. This is important in offering safety and protects you against unwanted damage and costs.

Unforeseen Structural Damage

Older homes are prone to more damage than usual. While these damages will not be visible to the naked eye, they will appear as you proceed with the project. Once the renovation begins, structural damages like weak pillars or cracks in the wall may arise. You must address it as soon as possible.


Older bathrooms can be prone to water damage, so you may want to waterproof them. However, the cost of fixing water damage can often range beyond $1000. It is advisable to discuss with your contractor how much fixing the water damage would cost before starting with the project.

Electrical Damages

Often during a bathroom renovation, your contractor may encounter wiring damages that require a fast fix. Fixing electrical damages is around $1000-$3000 based on the complexity of the wiring and the material used.


You may have to pay extra to customise bathroom renovations in Sydney. At the same time, many contractors mention the involvement of extra costs in the initial stages, but some don’t. Working with professionals who maintain transparency regarding customisation costs is extremely important.

Get Financing Options With Barr Built For Bathroom Renovation In Sydney

Bathroom renovation in Sydney can get quite expensive, mostly due to demand. Thus, experts like Barr Built are aimed at making the experience easy for you. Understanding the hurdles of costly renovation, Barr Built has partnered with TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit), a leading financial institution in Australia.

Now, you can get flexible payment plans for your bathroom renovation in Sydney without worrying about additional pressure on your pocket. You can fill out the form, and based on your eligibility, you will receive the credits for bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Bathroom Renovation

Final Thoughts

Bathroom renovations can get extra expensive and appear like a huge burden on your pocket. However, you don’t have to burn down your savings to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. With the help of experts like Barr Built and their flexible payment plans, you can enjoy the perks of a wonderful bathroom. Contact them to know more!