Your child will have many firsts and milestones in life, and as a parent, it’s only natural you’ll want to be right by their side helping them through all of life’s big moments. Some firsts will undoubtedly be more exciting than others, and then there are the firsts that are necessary for their health and important for their overall well-being. Taking your child for regular eye exams falls into the latter category as it’s a good way to stay on top of their eye health and any potential issues that may arise.

Wondering what to expect during your child’s first eye exam? Here’s a look.

When Should Your Child Get Their First Eye Exam?

What you may be surprised to learn is just how young kids can be when they get their first eye exam. Eye doctors recommend that the first eye exam be taken by the time they turn one. They should have another exam before entering kindergarten to see how things are developing. Even young children can suffer from eye issues, so the faster they can be detected, the faster they can be addressed.

Talk About The Process With Them Ahead Of Time

Before you take them for the appointment, it can be smart to talk to them about what to expect. If they are old enough, they may need to look at shapes, pictures or letters on the way to test their vision. They may also need eye drops for the test, which can be a source of anxiety or fear for some kids, especially those who have never had eye drops. Explain how the eye doctor will do the drops and that they may sting but just for a few seconds.You can also discuss how important it is to sit still during the exam and listen to the eye doctor’s instructions and questions.

What Will The Eye Doctor Be Checking For?

As for what the eye doctor will be checking for during the exam, they will look for such things as farsightedness, nearsightedness and if they have astigmatism. A visual screen test that looks at visual acuity is used to test for determining how well they see far away and up close. There are also other eye issues that children can have such as a lazy eye, misaligned eyes, crossed eyes or convergence insufficiency (double or blurred vision). If any of these issues are detected, then the eye doctor can provide a course of action such as prescribing glasses.

Be Sure To Pick The Right Eye Clinic & Doctor

To ensure the appointment goes as smoothly as possible, you want to pick an eye clinic and doctor that not only provides pediatric eye care, but also has a warm and inviting atmosphere for kids. You want them to feel at ease when they enter the clinic, and some places will do a better job of creating a family-friendly environment than others. A visit to this Andover eye doctor means your child’s needs will be understood.

When it comes to firsts, there is no reason why your child’s first visit to the eye doctor needs to be stressful for them or you. It’s about knowing what to expect.