If one thing that you find to be static is the fact that technology development never ceases. The notion of ‘technology’ is a fleeting aspect. If you pore through the Internet or the market, you will not find any materials that used to be prevalent in the early 2000s. 

In this blog, I will be highlighting the technology trends that are going to define the next decade. If you observe carefully, the 2020s look set to move even faster. 

1. Synthetic Media Will Gain Prominence

Have you heard about deep fake technology? Well, it is just the tip of the iceberg as synthetic media will make it difficult for humans to understand what is real and what is counterfeit. It generates super-realistic, artificial photos, text, sounds, videos, etc. China’ Xinhua state news agency shed light on this phenomenon, as the anchors were completely AI-generated.  

2. Everything Will Be Embedded With AI

It is predicted that by 2025, the AI market will reach $60 billion. With the rise in global demand, specialized deep learning and machine learning chips and algorithms are dropping in rapidly. Low-cost microsensor chips, high-bandwidth networks and developments in neural networks have hastened the process in the past decade. Thus, we expect to see a wide variety of applications in AI. 

3. Augmented Reality Will Flourish 

Virtual reality and augmented reality have proved to be pivotal as far as simulated learning and training is concerned. If you are familiar with Tilt Brush, Spatial Web, Web 3.0, then you would know the potential of augmented reality. If you are not familiar with the jargon, you can take help of the professional experts from Myassignmenthelp.

4. Pest Mitigation Can Be Conducted Harmlessly

In this regard, gene editing has worked wonders. The experts are able to study gene patterns and behaviors of the grey squirrels, locusts, cane toads. CRISPR technology, has enabled self-replicating edits, DNAs that would render these pests sterile. This could ravage through the entire populations, duplicating itself to affect copies of the chromosomes, so that it is passed on to its offspring. 

5. Human Brain Mapping Will Prevail 

With the help of advanced deep learning algorithms, machines will track the emotions of human beings. And, the brain will further be scanned for the development of the robots, or artificial programs. In the near future, there will be no requirement for psychiatrists as AI-based machines will solve your problems and monitor your mental health issues.

6. Gene Editing Will Help Us Recover From Diseases  

Gene therapies and DNA editing will help us get rid of the diseases that may seem incurable now. Who knows we may finally get a solution to cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other deadly diseases? Gene -editing technologies are making phenomenal strides with the help of CRISPR technology. And, there is a convergence of genome sequencing, AI, and other biotechnologies.

7. Big Data And Analytics Will Grow Exponentially

Marketing, running businesses and corporate firms have never been smoother. Today, through Big Data analytics, experts can forecast sales, conversion rates and even conduct Sentiment Analysis and Predictive Analysis. It helps in customer segmentation, and also makes the process of marketing funnel study easier. 

8. Blockchain Technology Will Achieve Ubiquitous Deployment 

With the advancement in technology, Blockchain can be used to create a cobweb of the distributed ledger. And, it can be used for a swift transaction, and for monitoring a free cryptocurrency through a decentralized environment. Furthermore, it is transparent, and hence, the share of companies in consumer products and manufacturing industry is 29% and 15% as of now. 

9. 5G Will Be The Talk Of The Town 

Launch of multifarious global satellite networks (Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite, OneWeb, etc.) and deployment of 5G will connect everyone. It will allow ubiquitous and cheap communications for everyone, everywhere. SpaceX has already planned on launching 12,000 satellites, to create a more robust network. And, it is said that it will power driverless cars, peer-to-peer virtual reality, etc.  

10. Cloud Robotics Will Develop Further 

Up until now, robots have hade specific set of instructions to carry out. With the infusion of cloud technology, they will get updated information every day. And, this information will be stored in an online cloud, which the robots can retrieve easily. If you need further information on this subject matter, you can scour through the sample section of essaycritics.com. These robots might not be physical objects as in the case of Amazon and Google Clouds, which are learning every day. 

11. Quantum Computers Will Change The Computing Realm 

We are always fascinated by the thought of super-fast computing. The meta trend of quantum computing is likely to increase in the next decade. It will barely take a second for the machines to comprehend complex data, like pattern changes and weather and climate patterns. In 2019, Symacore, Google’s quantum computer solved a problem that would have taken conventional supercomputer decades to crack. If that’s the case, then it would play an instrumental role in gene sequencing, medicine, physics, chemistry, computer science, data science, etc. 

12. Digital Twin Will Make Many Activities Possible 

Digital Twin is a relatively new concept. It acts as a virtual replica of a living and non-living physical entity. This will come in handy when you study radioactive elements which are too dangerous to hold in real life. Furthermore, you can easily manoeuvre certain electrical components, virtually and get the desired results instantly. In real-world application, the failure of one component would have rendered the entire project a failure.  

13. Travelling Will Be Reshaped 

Autonomous vehicles will become commercially viable in the 2020s. Conveyances and vehicles of all kinds like cars, trucks, taxis will become driverless. Even aerial ride-sharing or flying cars will be operational, and not just be in movies like the Harry Potter series. It will reduce the time taken to traverse a particular distance, and one would not have to hold the steering wheel. This is possible due to the culmination of sensors, cameras, AI and radar. 

14. Virtual Assistants Will Contribute More 

Today, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana have eased our workload. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had assistants like JARVIS (from the Iron Man)? Yes, the functionality is expected to travel beyond the home or office applications. This new technology will read our conversations, analyze it, read emails, monitor blood-sugar levels, and much more. It will gain insight into your preferences, and be your constant companion.  

15. 4D Printing Will Have Wide Applications 

3D and 4D printing will add to the major trends like mass-personalization. Currently a part of the project of MIT Self-assembly Lab, 4D printing will allow 3D printed objects to transform itself into another structure. It can be done under the influence of external energy like temperature, light and much more. However, if you are not aware of the topic, you can ask the experts at Trustedessayreviews.com to assist you.

As you can see, you are going to witness several changes, which will not only enhance the aesthetic aspect but also add to our lifestyle. Which technology trend caught your attention? And which trend do you think will improve our way of life? 

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