Gophers might seem like harmless creatures from afar, with their furry appearance and small size. However, when they invade your garden or lawn, their burrowing habits can wreak havoc on your beloved green space. Their relentless digging can damage plants, disrupt the soil structure, and create unsightly mounds of dirt.

Seeing your hard work and beautiful landscape destroyed by these small yet troublesome rodents can be frustrating. Taking timely action to control their presence and protect your garden becomes crucial to maintaining the beauty and health of your outdoor space. Here are four telltale signs that indicate you need a gopher exterminator immediately.

1. Sudden Appearance Of Dirt Mounds

One of the earliest and most obvious signs of a gopher infestation is the sudden appearance of dirt mounds in your yard. Gophers are natural burrowers, and as they tunnel through the soil, they push out excess dirt, forming mounds on the surface. These mounds not only disrupt the aesthetics of your yard but can also cause tripping hazards for those walking around.

How To Identify Gopher Mounds

Gopher mounds are typically crescent or horseshoe-shaped with a hole in the center. They’re usually about a foot in diameter and a few inches high, making them hard to miss. If you notice these mounds appearing overnight, it indicates that gophers have taken residence in your yard.

2. Damaged Vegetation

Another telltale sign of a gopher problem is damaged or disappearing vegetation. As herbivores, gophers feed on plants, and their diet can range from grass to vegetables and ornamental plants.

Spotting The Damage

You might notice certain plants in your garden wilting or dying for no apparent reason or even disappearing altogether. This is because gophers often pull plants into their tunnels from below. If your once-thriving garden starts to look barren, it could be due to a gopher infestation.

3. Electrical Problems

Believe it or not, gophers can also cause electrical problems. These critters chew through underground wiring, leading to flickering, dimming, or intermittent electrical issues.

Recognizing The Warning Signs

If you’re experiencing unexplained electrical problems and you’ve already ruled out other causes, consider the possibility of gopher activity. Remember, addressing this issue promptly is crucial to prevent potential fire hazards.

4. Tunnel Systems

Lastly, the presence of tunnel systems is a clear sign of gopher activity. Gophers create extensive underground networks for their living and feeding activities.

Detecting Gopher Tunnels

Tunnel entrances are often hidden beneath the mounds, making them difficult to spot. However, you might notice depressions or soft spots in your yard where the soil has collapsed over a tunnel. If you see these signs, it’s time to call in a professional gopher exterminator.

4 Signs You Need A Gopher Exterminator ASAP – In Summary

Spotting a gopher problem early on can save you from substantial damage and costs. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a professional gopher exterminator immediately. They have the expertise and equipment to remove these pests from your property and help you reclaim your green space.