Although many people love to cook, the same cannot be said for buying the necessary ingredients. It is not necessarily the food itself, either. When you go to the grocery store, there is no doubt that a horde of people will compete for the same supplies as you. If you follow the following guidelines, you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

1. Avoid The Crowds

There are certain days and times when there aren’t as many customers. Wednesday mornings are often the best because of how often food is stocked on Tuesday nights, and there aren’t as many civilians to compete with. This is crucial because you will have your choice of shopping cart wheels that don’t squeak or move in wonky directions, which may draw unwanted attention.

2. Prioritize Items Based On Their Types

Aisles are often marked by a number, so it might be a good idea to follow them. The dry goods often start at one and work their way up. The store might assist you by including the types of items contained in that particular lane such as baking goods, beans, pasta sauces and more.

The order in which you choose your items is critical because not all food is created equally. Frozen foods should be last because they will melt while you collect your other choices. Dry foods such as cereal and rice should go first. Once you get all the dry foods, you can move on to dairy products such as milk and eggs. Then, head on over to the meat sections. Finally, the frozen foods aisle, including ice cream, is a great place to finish.

3. Use A Professional Service

Sometimes, you have worked all day, and you just don’t feel like battling the crowds to fight for your food supply. This is where companies such as Instacart come in. People who work for those companies receive your list via their app and pick off items one by one based on your selections. If the item you chose is not available, you may ask for a substitute or a refund.

4. Use Curbside Pickup

These days, curbside pickup is one of the most fabulous modern conveniences. If you visit a store’s app with enough time to spare, you can decide on all your favorite foods. The employees of the grocery store will pull your items off the shelves and then bring them to your car that should be parked in a designated spot. They will go over any replacements they had to make and load everything in your vehicle for you. This is perfect for people with social anxiety because they only have to deal with one person.

The best part of grocery shopping is that you can purchase your favorite food to cook everything you want. As long as you follow the preceding advice, you can minimize the headaches associated with the potentially painful process.