Farmhouse living rooms often include wood beams that create a sense of height. These ceiling decorations distinguish between modern and rustic, making them a versatile addition to any home.

Beadboard, shiplap, and wainscoting add texture and dimension to farmhouse walls. A distressed finish wooden coffee table is a must-have for any farmhouse living room.

White Curtains

The farmhouse style is a popular trend in interior design that incorporates natural materials, rustic accents, and vintage pieces. White curtains are a simple way to get the look of your living room.

Rustic wood beams are a staple of farmhouse style, whether left in their natural state or painted. They add a rustic aesthetic and are easy to install.

Wire baskets are another critical element in farmhouse decor. Use them for various purposes, from storing bathroom linens to holding blankets or toilet paper in the bedroom.

Nothing completes a farmhouse wall like family photos or name plates framed in gorgeous wooden frames. Please find wall art pieces to hang in your home and make it feel like your own farm.

Industrial Coffee Table

Farmhouse decor often evokes a natural and relaxing style. A jute rug, buffalo plaid curtains, and wood accent chairs can incorporate this look into your living room.

A rustic reclaimed coffee table makes an impact with its simple yet eye-catching design. This piece mixes a traditional wooden tabletop with metal legs to create a unique rustic look that stands out in the room.

Tufted ottomans are a versatile farmhouse decorating idea for living rooms that blend comfort with a casual style. You can use them as additional seating or footrests in a living room; many also have storage space.

A wood and iron pot rack is a functional piece that can add rustic charm to any home. It’s a great way to display your favorite cooking cookware and can also serve as a focal point when placed above a dining room table.

Wall Of Mirrors

A wooden clock is a timeless addition to farmhouse decor and makes a great focal point.

Oversized mirrors are another farmhouse decorating must-have. They create the illusion of space and make a room feel larger. Try a frame made from natural wood or a weathered finish for an added touch of farmhouse style.

Try making your rustic window pane mirror if you’re into DIY projects. This beautiful frame is easy to construct and lovely above your main living area. It’s made from tempered glass that is four times stronger than regular annealed glass so it won’t break into jagged shards.

Pre-Printed Canvas Paintings

We’re all used to transforming rooms with paint and wallpaper, but textured materials and homespun objects are also great ways to add farmhouse flair. A collection of sun hats framed with simple crown molding creates a statement feature wall perfect for displaying treasured heirlooms and family doodles.

Another great farmhouse decorating idea is to look for repurposed wood pieces that add texture and dimension. For example, iron wall sconces were once necessary lighting on farms before electricity came along, but they make beautiful accent pieces today.


Farmhouse living rooms often feature casual, comfortable sofas, rough-hewn wood coffee tables, and natural decor elements. However, purchasing a new furniture set may be expensive for some. Instead, consider adding a few farmhouse-themed accents to your existing furniture pieces.

If you have a white sofa, add many fluffy farmhouse throw pillows. These are great for hiding blemishes and redefining the look of your couch. Beige or tan sofas also work well for farmhouse decorating but may stain more easily than white ones.

A ladder isn’t just helpful in reaching high shelves; it’s also an excellent farmhouse home accessory. You can use it for displaying vases, books, and more on your coffee table or to create a rustic wall hanging in your bathroom.