Known for its hot springs, Ethiopia has attracted millions of tourists. The geographical turmoil in the Rift Valley created these hot springs. Many tourists from all over the world visit Ethiopia to enjoy and soak in hot water. Ethiopian Highlands underwent several volcanic activities that resulted in the formation of Kafa. Hot springs are formed from geothermally heated water. They are excellent places to relax and cure many health issues. Ethiopians consider some hot springs holy and use them for recreational activities.

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Here is a list of the best hot springs in Ethiopia.


Filwoha is one of the best places to enjoy your day in hot water. The spring has a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees. You can see several birds and animals, like Nile alligators, waterbucks, and dik-diks, around the spring. The local people visit this spring regularly to soak in the hot spring because it is open to the public. The lions and other wild animals visit this spring after 5 p.m.

Since the natural charm of the area is not spoiled by humans, care should be taken to protect yourself from quicksand and lions. So, you should travel with an armed guard or guide.


Located in Ethiopia, Sodere Resort Hotel has two hot spring pools that are the best place for tourists who wish to relax in natural hot springs in a calm and serene environment. The natural hot spring water here offers the best steam bath experience to the guests. The hot spring services are offered in a place called “Mahiberawi” which means “be in a group”

Wondo Genet

Located outside Addis Ababa, the hot spring offers consistent steam water to the Wondo Genet Resort. The spring is located amidst lush green mountains and plenty of flora and fauna. The guests and the public with a hotel membership can visit the hot spring pool.


The Negash Lodge provides access to the curative waters of Woliso. The locals have a strong belief that the water will heal many illnesses. The lodge also features a poolside bar and a jacuzzi.

Lake Abijata-Shalla National Park,   

Many of the hot springs in Lake Abijata-Shalla National Park are situated in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley. They are popular tourist destinations. Some of them include the springs at Lake Abijata and Lake Shala. At times these hot springs produce so much steam that the area around it appears to be covered in fog.

Semera Hot Springs

Semera Hot Springs is not a national park and is not a popular place. So, very little information is available on Google. The hot spring is located on the banks of the Awash River and is not easily accessible. With its very beautiful scenic beauty, the place is named the Yellowstone of Ethiopia.

Semera is a volcanic valley that is home to many hot springs. Many of them are so hot that they resemble heaters. The hot water is sprayed out of the spring due to high temperature. The streams are beautiful with vibrant orange and brown colours. However, you have to reach them at your own risk because there are no organised routes.

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