Are you trying to find an appropriate destination for your family tour? Israel can be the perfect place for your next family tour. With its diverse culture and rich historical significance Israel is an excellent place where you can spend the holidays with your family. Along with famous historical and cultural destinations, the country also offers mindblowing scenic beauty and a relaxing atmosphere. All in all, family tours to Israel can be an awesome blend of educational and recreational experiences. So, what are the best places in this country that you must visit once you are there? Check them out. 

Historically Rich Jerusalem 

The old city of Jerusalem is the first place you should check out once you are in Israel. In this place, you can explore the ancient streets and famous historical sites including the Tower of David, the Western Wall and the iconic church of the Holy Sepulchre. Don’t forget to check out the Israel Museum here as well. Here you and your family can have an interactive experience and also get to see the Model of Jerusalem and Children’s Wing. 

Relaxing Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv should be your next destination after Jerusalem. You can spend time with your family on the beautiful beaches of this place. This is mainly a place for relaxation and fun. Water sports are also available here which you can enjoy with the children. Also, explore the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and enjoy the beautiful street art in Florentin. 

Adventurous Masada

If you are in the mood for some adventure with your family, Masada will be the perfect place. This is actually an old fortress which is at the top of a rough and rugged cliff. You can take the cable car to reach this place. Hiking through the beautiful snake path is also an option to go to the place if you are in the mood for it. You will get to learn about the historical significance of the ruins and the courageous siege. It will definitely be worth your time and effort. 

Unique Appeal Of The Dead Sea 

You can not miss the Dead Sea once you are in Israel. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of floating on the Dead Sea with your family. It is difficult to find other recreational family activities that are this unique and therapeutic. Take your family to relax at the resorts on the seashore if you need some peace and calm. 

Natural Beauty Of Galilee Region 

If you are in the mood to enjoy some natural beauty and do some exciting physical activities, the Galilee Region is just the perfect place for that. Here you can take your family to hike in the lush green forest or swim in the beautiful streams with fresh water. You will also get the opportunity to visit the beautiful villages there. Take a look at the historical city of Tiberias for educational purposes. Also, don’t forget to take a boat ride to the Sea of Galilee.