Naturalness. It’s on everyone’s lips. Organic products here, natural cosmetics there… Far from being just a fad, natural cosmetics respond to actual health and environmental issues.

Why choose natural cosmetics, and what are their main benefits? We tell you more in this article and even how to use CDB cosmetics and CBD oil from producers like Justbob to add to your skincare and creams.

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

Let’s start by defining what natural cosmetics are. As its name suggests, this type of cosmetics uses exclusively products of natural origin – derived from plants. It is opposed to so-called “conventional” cosmetics, which may contain synthetic/chemical products.

Organic Or Natural Cosmetic Differences

Be careful not to confuse “organic cosmetics” and “natural cosmetics”!

Organic cosmetics refer exclusively to cosmetic products derived from organic farming. An organic cosmetic will, by definition, be natural – but the reverse is invalid. A makeup of natural origin is not necessarily organic.

Organic cosmetics generally aim to respect the environment but also the health of the skin. It differs from natural cosmetics in that it is even more demanding. In practical terms, organic cosmetics only use ingredients grown according to the rules of organic farming.

Opting for natural skincare products is better for your health!

Many usual cosmetics can be harmful to your skin, and when they are not carcinogenic, certain synthetic derivatives present in conventional cosmetics can be allergenic, irritating, etc.

Good to know: Used occasionally, in small doses, conventional cosmetics are manageable.

“Cocktail effect” refers to “substances that are harmless to humans individually, but can become harmful when mixed”. All it takes is for several of these products to contain a single controversial ingredient to create a cocktail effect!

But you can opt for a natural skincare product daily, especially as organic skincare products keep very well!

Endocrine Disrupters

Endocrine disrupters are suspected of upsetting the hormonal system. They can also affect a woman’s fertility. The problem is that these endocrine disruptors are everywhere in cosmetic formulas! They include parabens, methylisothiazolinone (a preservative), BHT, BHA, etc.

Organic & Natural Cosmetics Are Better For The Environment!

About conventional cosmetics: when they are eliminated, these toxic components end up in the sewage system and then in the soil, the sea…

Organic cosmetics, on the other hand, give priority to ingredients of natural origin. Eliminating them poses no risk to the environment – especially when a cosmetics product is organic and free of synthetic substances.

What’s more, natural cosmetics brands are generally committed to the environment. As a result, they almost always offer eco-responsible packaging (biodegradable, recyclable, recycled, etc.).

Opting For Natural Cosmetics Is More Responsible

As well as being safe for people and the planet, natural and organic cosmetics are always part of a sustainable approach. It’s not just about protecting ourselves but also about respecting Nature – both its flora and fauna. In other words, choosing natural cosmetics means making a commitment to the planet… and its inhabitants.

Yes, plant-based cosmetics are very often cruelty-free. In other words, they are not tested on our animal friends!

Natural Cosmetics Are Just As Effective As Conventional Cosmetics

It’s time to put an end to the all too common misconception that natural cosmetics are ineffective… In reality, plant-based cosmetics are just as effective as conventional cosmetics!

Natural products (rich in plant oils, plant extracts, plant butter, etc.) are sometimes even more effective than synthetic products!

Good to know: natural cosmetics are recommended for sensitive skin prone to irritation!

How Do You Choose A Good, Genuinely Natural Cosmetic?

The first good thing to do is to trust the labels and certification bodies. In Europe, there are several certification bodies, including Cosmos and Ecocert.

The Cosmos label is a satisfactory guarantee that certifies the absence of petrochemicals, plastics and synthetic materials in a cosmetic product.

Good to know: never trust cosmetics packaging! The various claims of “ecological”, “natural”, & co are worthless. It’s best to refer to the INCI list of products to make informed purchases. This is the only way to know what the product contains.

Note that ingredients present in large quantities in a cosmetic product always appear first on an INCI list. So, it’s best to pay particular attention to the first names on the list.

In Conclusion, Why Use Organic & Natural Cosmetics?

To sum up, there are not one but several reasons to include natural cosmetics in your beauty routine! What’s most important? To consume intelligently and avoid over-consumption. “Less is more”.

The Cosmetics Industry Has Got Hold Of This Precious Ingredient Called CBD

The cosmetics industry has got hold of this precious ingredient called CBD. Rest assured, cannabis cosmetics are entirely legal in the UK! French law authorises CBD-based products as long as they contain no more than 2% THC. The KANEP product range complies perfectly with the regulations.

CBD in oil form is added directly to cosmetic products, and it is excellent for stimulating skin regeneration, strengthening the skin barrier and regulating sebum. CBD cosmetics have soothing, nourishing and moisturising properties

Are Hemp Cosmetics Really Effective?

The effectiveness of CBD no longer needs to be proven. Indeed, many consumers are now taking advantage of its benefits. Its regenerative properties are such that cannabidiol has become a valuable product in the world of cosmetics.

Why Turn To CBD Cosmetics?

Because it’s a natural ingredient with many virtues, it is highly effective and works wonders, particularly on the skin. They allow us to care for ourselves without applying harmful substances to our bodies.

Besides, CBD products are legal in the UK, and you can easily find them online.