Are you fed up with concealing your smile due to gaps in your teeth? Have you heard about Reset Smile and wondered if it can actually help align your teeth and restore your confidence? In Reset Smile reviews, we will dive into the world of Reset to determine if this teeth replacement device is worth your investment.

What Is Reset Smile?

As the name suggests, Reset Smile is a custom 3D fabricated tooth replacement device that can be conveniently delivered to your home. It offers a more affordable and non-invasive solution for tooth replacement, akin to a removable partial denture. The device is designed to be flexible, removable, and comfortable, allowing you to smile, speak, and eat with ease while keeping your dental situation discreet.

According to the official website, this device provides an at-home and dentist-prescribed method to help you regain your confidence in your smile and improve your chewing ability. All of this is promised without the need for traditional metal dentures or invasive dental implant surgery.

Is Reset Smile Teeth Device Safe For Your Teeth?

It’s crucial to approach Reset with caution. While the official website showcases positive reviews, some aspects raise concerns. The overly positive reviews may appear suspicious, as they lack critical details about the effectiveness of the product. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the company’s customer service reputation is less than stellar, with reports of unresponsiveness and refund issues.

A review on TrustPilot indicates a customer’s dissatisfaction with the product and the company’s handling of refunds. This situation suggests that the device may not meet everyone’s expectations, and its customer service may need improvement.


  1. Temporary Solution: It offers a temporary solution for missing teeth, which can be beneficial for individuals seeking an alternative before committing to more permanent dental procedures.
  2. Metal-Free: The device is metal-free, reducing the risk of metal toxicity or inflammation commonly associated with traditional dental appliances.


  1. Discomfort: Some users may experience discomfort while using this device, which can affect their overall satisfaction with the product.
  2. Lack of Professional Approval: This product is not approved by orthodontists or dentists, which raises concerns about its safety and effectiveness.

In Summary: Reset Smile Reviews

ResetSmile com presents a custom 3D tooth replacement device that offers a solution to dental imperfections. However, it’s important to approach this product with caution, as it lacks professional approval from orthodontists or dentists. There is a possibility that it may not deliver the desired results, which could even lead to discomfort or dissatisfaction.

Before considering this product as a solution to your dental needs, it’s advisable to consult with a dental professional who can provide personalized guidance and recommend safe and effective alternatives. Your oral health is paramount, and decisions about tooth replacement should be made with the utmost care.

[Note: This review is based on available information and customer feedback. It is recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.]


What does the Reset Smile cost? 

The cost of this device may vary depending on the specific package or options you choose. Visit the brand’s official website or contact their customer service for current pricing details.

Is this a permanent tooth replacement solution?

No, it offers a temporary tooth replacement option.

Does Reset Smile contain metal components?

No, it is a metal-free dental device.

Is this approved by orthodontists or dentists?

No, it lacks professional approval, raising concerns about its safety and effectiveness.