Online shopping has become an integral part of modern life, with platforms like BloomChic gaining traction among shoppers. Although it offers convenience and accessibility, it’s crucial to exercise caution when making online purchases. In this BloomChic review, we will examine the legitimacy of this store and help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Understanding What Is BloomChic

BloomChic, found at or, is an online shopping website specializing in plus-size women’s clothing. They offer numerous items, including blouses, jumpsuits, dresses, and fashion suits. The company behind BloomChic is Shine Yee Technology Hongkong Limited, with an address provided as MW Tower II, 5 Kimberley Street Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. They claim to provide hassle-free returns and also offer complimentary shipping on orders of $59 and above.

Positive Elements 

Website Security: One positive aspect is their SSL encrypted and secured website. This helps protect customers’ credit card information, reducing the risk of hacking.

Tracking Info: They provide tracking information for your orders, allowing you to monitor their progress.

Social Media Presence: BloomChic also maintains an active presence on social media platforms, which can provide an avenue for customers to connect and engage.

Extended Return Policy: It offers a prolonged return window, which can be advantageous for customers.


Long Shipping Times: One significant drawback is the location of BloomChic warehouse (in Hong Kong). This can result in extended shipping & delivery times, possibly taking two to four weeks.

Limited Website Age: According to Whois (domain checker tool), the website – – is relatively new, which may raise concerns for some potential customers.

Bloom Chic Reviews: What Customers Say

To gauge the reputation of, we turned to customer reviews. Many customers reported that their purchase from the platform was worth it, with an accurate size chart and good value for the price. However, a common complaint among buyers was the subpar customer support and delays in shipping times. On Trustpilot, the website holds a 3.6 customer rating, suggesting a mixed customer experience.

Is BloomChic Legit? appears to be a reasonably reliable online store with a decent trust score. However, potential buyers should be prepared for extended shipping & delivery times due to its Hong Kong-based warehouse. 

For those who may have had negative experiences with this store, it’s advisable to put up a complaint with your bank and request a chargeback promptly. Additionally, consider changing your credit card information or obtaining a new card to protect yourself.

Final Word

In conclusion, BloomChic is an online store specializing in plus-size women’s clothing that has garnered mixed reviews from customers. While it appears to be a legitimate option for purchasing clothing, potential buyers should be aware of potential shipping delays due to its Hong Kong-based warehouse. Exercise caution and consider the tips mentioned above when making online purchases to ensure a safe and satisfying shopping experience.


Is BloomChic a scam?

While BloomChic appears to be a legitimate online store, some customers have reported issues with shipping delays and customer support. Exercise caution and do your research before making a purchase.

How reliable is the size chart at

According to customer reviews, their size chart is considered accurate, which can help you choose the right size for your clothing.

Are there trustworthy alternatives to BloomChic for plus-size clothing?

Consider shopping from established platforms like Amazon, known for their reliable return policies and a wide range of clothing options for plus-size women.

What should I do if I’m unsatisfied with my BloomChic order?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, consider contacting your bank for a chargeback and changing your credit card information for added security.