It’s an undeniable fact that older homes, especially those built in a Georgian or Victorian style, are bursting to the seams with character and personality, which is the primary reason why people looking for a new home choose to invest in such a property.

Although they’re an admittedly tempting prospect, older homes can possess a myriad of hidden potential factors that could mean costly repairs and maintenance, not to mention a variety of other issues that aren’t always immediately obvious.

New build properties, however, are a different breed of home entirely, and to encourage you to look into investing in a brand-new house, here are the top three advantages of purchasing a new build.

1. High Levels Of Energy Efficiency

Fortunately, construction industries across the globe are now focused much more productively on ensuring that the properties and structures they build are as environmentally friendly as possible, and this focus on sustainability will also benefit you as the homeowner. New build properties are, without exception, always built to a higher standard and are legally required to adhere to strict standards of energy efficiency.

Not only will this mean your home will be warmer and your central heating system and boiler more effective, but you’ll also find that when moving from an older house to a new build, your monthly energy bills will decrease, too.

2. Stronger Safety Measures

When looking into new build homes in Lincolnshire, for example, you’ll immediately see that, from the ground up, new build properties are built to substantially higher standards of safety and security.

From windows on each floor that are expansive enough to be opened to allow residents to escape if a fire breaks out, to the materials and substances used to build the foundations being of fire-resistant qualities, new builds are widely recognized to be much safer.

In terms of security, locks on the back and front doors, the windows, and even the attached garage are also of a higher quality, smoke alarms are fitted and tested on each floor as standard, and usually, new homes will be prewired for alarm systems, too.

3. New Build Warranties

Another leading reason why new builds are superior to older homes is that they will always come with some length of warranty, which could be anything from three years to ten or sometimes more.

Leading providers of fully comprehensive warranties for houses, such as Build Safe, the National House Building Council and the Local Authority Building Control are all excellent authenticators of a long and detailed warranty and are certainly affiliates to look out for.

Once you’ve moved into your newly built home, the builders or a representative of the company itself will pay you a visit to ask you to provide a snagging list, which is an incredibly important part of the process.

Essentially, you should take time to conduct a detailed inspection of the entire property, both inside and outside and write down any mistakes, dents, inaccurate positioning of cabinets or other small issues, all of which will be taken care of in a timely manner.