In the realm of firearm safety training, Concealed Coalition stands out as a beacon of excellence. As the nation’s premier concealed carry firearms training provider, Concealed Coalition is on a mission to empower law-abiding citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to responsibly own and carry firearms. In this Concealed Coalition reviews article, we will delve into the key aspects, exploring its purpose, training methodology, and find out “Is Concealed Coalition legit?”

About Concealed Coalition

Concealed Coalition has earned its reputation as the concealed carry firearms training leader by pioneering a curriculum approved by the state and delivering it to students in all states of the USA. The company deviates from traditional training norms by addressing a fundamental need prevalent among many Americans – the need to feel secure and confident in firearm ownership. Their primary goal is to ensure that every individual committed to upholding the law has access to comprehensive firearms safety education.

Concealed Carry Permit

A state-issued license, known as CCW, stands for concealed carry permit. It grants individuals legal permission to carry a concealed firearm. As the 2nd Amendment permits citizens the right to bear arms, most states require a permit for concealed carry. Concealed Coalition’s courses cater to diverse state requirements, offering a well-rounded education in firearm safety, state-specific laws, storage, cleaning, shooting fundamentals, and child access prevention.

Constitutional Carry States & Reciprocity

In states adopting Constitutional Carry policies, allowing open or concealed carry without a permit, individuals often choose to pursue a permit for practical reasons. Constitutional Carry is state-specific, necessitating a permit for cross-state travel. Reciprocity agreements between states play a crucial role, allowing individuals to carry legally in other states. Concealed Coalition’s courses prove valuable even in Constitutional Carry states, offering a comprehensive understanding of various aspects related to firearm ownership.

Training Approach: The ‘Train To Retain’ Method

Concealed Coalition’s unique training method, known as “train to retain,” sets it apart from conventional training programs. The curriculum, meticulously developed by a network of top firearms trainers, delves into child access prevention, threat avoidance,  situational awareness, and appropriate response to danger. This innovative approach ensures that students, regardless of their proficiency level, grasp the material both intellectually and emotionally, resulting in enhanced retention.

The Seamless Process With Concealed Coalition 

The process of obtaining a Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Certification is straightforward:

  • Go to the Concealed Coalition site and find a class or online training portal based on your ZIP code.
  • Take screening questions to test eligibility for a concealed carry permit.
  • Register for a class – online, in-person, or a blend based on state requirements.
  • Attend training to receive the Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Certification (not a permit).
  • Follow the provided checklist for the subsequent permit application steps specific to your state.

Benefits Of Joining Concealed Coalition

Being part of Concealed Coalition comes with numerous advantages:

Join a community dedicated to safety and united in making communities safer.

Undergo a world-class training experience, gaining confidence and knowledge.

Access Supplemental Online Training Materials

  • Connect directly with instructors via the Concealed Coalition Facebook Group
  • Take a stand against violence and advocate for actionable change.
  • Acquire the legitimate Concealed Coalition certification for concealed carry.

Cost Considerations

Concealed Coalition’s training classes range from $129 to $198 USD, depending on state-specific requirements. While the training itself is affordable, additional costs may be incurred for background checks, notarized documents, passport photos, fingerprinting, and application fees. Potential applicants should be prepared for these additional expenses.

Concealed Coalition Review: Positive & Negative Aspects

Positive Aspects :

Comprehensive Training: Concealed Coalition provides exceptional training resources at every stage, offering expertly curated materials and engaging instruction.

Well-Rounded Education: The program covers crucial aspects like situational awareness, handgun basics, state-specific laws, and child access prevention, ensuring participants receive a comprehensive education.

Affordability and Accessibility: Noteworthy for its quick, easy-to-follow, and affordable process, making it accessible to individuals on various budgets.

Pre-screening for Eligibility: The inclusion of pre-screening questions aids in determining eligibility, guiding participants toward the most suitable course.

Flexibility and Engagement: Concealed Coalition stands out for its flexibility, offering diverse formats to meet state-specific requirements. Access to supplemental materials and an engaging classroom environment enhances the overall learning experience.

Negative Aspects:

Inconvenience for Distant Participants: In-person training may pose an inconvenience for individuals residing far from a class location, potentially requiring significant travel.

Internet Reliance for Online Training: Reliable internet access is crucial for online training, which could be challenging for individuals in areas with limited connectivity.

Potential for Certification Confusion: There exists a potential for confusion between the Concealed Coalition certification and a concealed carry permit, especially for those unfamiliar with the process.

Need for Clear Communication: Clear communication and clarification on the distinction between certification and permit could enhance the overall participant experience.

Challenges for Limited Connectivity: Limited internet access might pose challenges for participants in remote areas, impacting their ability to engage in online training.

Despite these considerations, the positive attributes of Concealed Coalition make it a top choice for those seeking comprehensive and accessible firearm safety training.

The Final Verdict: Is Concealed Coalition Legit?

In conclusion, Concealed Coalition emerges as a leading provider of firearm safety training, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible firearm ownership. With a commitment to accessibility, affordability, and community engagement, Concealed Coalition provides a valuable resource for those seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit or enhance their understanding of firearm safety. While there are considerations such as potential inconveniences for distant participants and reliance on internet connectivity for online training, the positive aspects of Concealed Coalition outweigh these concerns. Ultimately, the decision to try Concealed Coalition rests with the reader, who must weigh the benefits and potential challenges based on their individual circumstances and needs.


What does the Concealed Carry Permit cover?

The Concealed Carry Permit, or CCW, allows individuals to carry a concealed firearm legally. It involves training in firearm safety, state-specific laws, shooting fundamentals, storage, cleaning, and child access prevention.

Is online training available, and what are the eligibility criteria?

Yes, it offers online training.According to Concealed Coalition reviews eligibility is determined through pre-screening questions, ensuring participants meet the necessary criteria.

Can I join Concealed Coalition if I live in a Constitutional Carry state?

Absolutely. Even in Constitutional Carry states, Concealed Coalition’s courses provide valuable insights for individuals pursuing a cross-state travel permit.