It’s the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala… Christmas is fast approaching. Who would have thought that 2021 would come by fast and we are on our way to set our dreams forth with the new year? With this, as the cool breeze of winter has come to start, it is also engraved in us to put our holiday decorations, lights, and put our Christmas trees at the center of our homes.

Sure that we already have decorations for our patios and living rooms. However, when you have some time off, it’s also best to spend quality time with your kids. The best way to do this is to let them feel the joyous holidays while letting them be productive by decorating their rooms. Yet, you might be wondering how you will be able to pull off a good bedroom design. Nevertheless, no need to worry; you may want to try these designs to make your kids’ bedroom as livelier as you never thought it could be.

Something Twinkly

Perhaps you would want dreamy and holiday vibes for your kids’ bedroom. Twinkling things and little lights can bring the best out of your kids’ bedroom which we are sure they would love. You may start off by putting on some led or decorative little lights on the corners of their room; remember to use colored lights in the yellow or white shade so it would look like stars. You must also arrange their rooms and change their sheets with the colors of the holiday and need not also forget to use certain fabrics that give the feeling of celebration. This does not only amplify the effects of the lights but is a good way to make a whole bedroom makeover that your kids would truly appreciate.

Something That Shouts “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

If you’re not something into getting your electricity bills high, you can still decorate your kids’ bedroom worth celebrating. You can put ornaments on their beds and walls, starting from Christmas socks, hanging candy canes, mistletoe on the side, and even putting on Christmas tree stickers on their walls.

Yet, if you want to keep their rooms clean, have something minimal. Just organize the ornaments without being too grand, and make sure to put on curtains or sheets that are white, red, or stripes of both colors if you want to. You can also put something green that connotes the shades of a Christmas tree, and let your creativity run through. Still, if you are into something artistic, you can always go the extra mile with the Christmas decorations inside your kids’ bedrooms. Miniatures are also good if you have any.

You may also want to put a small Christmas tree on one side of the room!

Polkas Are Still In

Creating something fun for your kids’ bedroom can not go wrong with polka dots. You may try buying wallpapers that have big polka dots on them, but be sure to have dots in red or green. Additionally, you can also hang Christmas socks on the door, or at the end of your kid’s bed. If you fathom that walls can be too much, don’t fret; you may find polka dot sheets and blankets to make it more simple yet still bring the holidays into your kids’ room.

Yet again, use your curtains and sheets and add festive colors to make it more holiday-ish and celebratory.

Winter Wonderland

Get your kids’ bedroom in a cool themed area with the winter wonderland bedroom. While this may sound too unusual, you can do this by associating cool colors that look like winter and snowflakes.

You can start this project by replacing cloth materials in your kids’ bedroom with different shades of blue or white. The sheets may be white and have some darker shades of blue for the carpet and curtains. Moreover, you may cut out cardboard and shape them into snowflakes, have some glitter with them, and hang them on the bedroom ceiling through a string. Lights can be incorporated with the room, too! Have some holiday lights in yellow, white, or blue, and put them on the wall of your kid’s headboard. The glitters and lights will work together and result in a glittery, snow-like atmosphere once you turn the Christmas lights on.

Key Takeaways

One of the best ways to make your kids’ bedroom appear celebratory is by changing their sheets and curtain fabrics with holiday colors.

You may design something minimal or grand, but be sure to ask your children as they will likely love the project when they give an opinion.

Get your Christmas decorations ready as they will be ornaments to improve the bedroom interiors.

Lights are optional, but they can definitely bring the best atmosphere when you want your kids to have a livelier bedroom.

Finally, maintain an organized look for the bedroom. This will give more space for your kids and make their rooms more breathable and comfortable yet still stylish.