If you want to create a space where you can spend time relaxing and enjoying the fresh air, look to your patio. There’s a potential haven available whether you begin with a stretch of space outside that needs some life or a neglected patio.

1. Decide & Improve 

What’s the purpose of the space? Will you spend time inviting friends for activities or do you desire a place of retreat and solitude? Imagine how people would fill the space or how you could make it more private.

Start simply. Clean the area. Sweep gathered dust and dirt, and throw out or give away unwanted furniture. Install an overhang or umbrella depending on how much shelter you need, and consider adding a paver tray system to improve the flooring of your special space.

2. Decorate

Furnish your spot. If your area is especially small, look for furniture that can do more. Some tables and chairs have concealed drawers and storage spaces. You can easily hide these by choosing cushions and blankets to tuck around them. Match the environment to its use. A trellis may fit a yoga corner or book corner; a central table could better fulfill the needs of a book club. Surround it all with potted plants to separate it from the rest of your yard.

3. Create

Maybe you’re feeling extra creative. Use your talents and move past obstacles. If you don’t have the greenest thumb, opt for plants that don’t require much maintenance. Go online and watch videos of simple projects. Buy weather-resistant sculptures and designs to go along with your own work. Ask the artistic children in your family for some assistance. A pottery vase, for instance, could function as a table centerpiece as well as a paperweight for the bookmark that always wants to blow away.

4. Enjoy

Start using your space. You might discover you love to garden around it sometimes and spend other days just relaxing in a cozy chair with a book. Maybe it needs a cover when it rains, so you can stay outside and nap to the gentle noises. Perhaps you invite close friends over to talk and play board games on a weekend. It’s your versatile outside space to use in a way that makes you happy and comfortable.

Make it a spot that allows you to collect thoughts, makes you laugh, and inspires you. Create a space that brings you some joy.