What do you understand about Duolingo Leagues? If we say Duolingo Leagues are a combative set of 50 diverse users. Therefore, Duolingo places you in so that you can contest for who can make the most amount of XP in one week.

You can get the Leagues under the defensive icon on the Duolingo application. If you don’t choose to join the leagues, you may not have finished enough lessons in Duolingo yet. Suppose you’re like those people who don’t pay attention that much to leagues.

You might have found them to be useless, how much effort is required to climb the leaderboards, and how easily you catch your target language by trying to rack up as many points as you can. If you don’t like programmed competition, it’s virtually a trouble maker as it does not get complicated in the rat race at all.

Since Duolingo Leagues is a very easy way to explore yourself as well as learning a language on Duolingo, making it easier and much faster than ever, it is an eventual guide to using Duolingo Leagues!

On the other hand, what to do with that annoyed grayed-out advancement that leers at you? “How to finish the initial one in The Diamond League” You can’t just… leave that there only – It stays out like a pending task in your list of finished golden achievements.

How to improve levels from league to league, tricks on how to beat the competition in Diamond league, and how to pause your League advancement so that you don’t fall back all in the earlier Leagues (like most users did!) So here you go!

However, the application users are very much sure and certain that they would be troubled through leagues only for the sake of one victory.

Table of Contents

Tip #1

  1. Choose your battles wisely.
  2. Don’t jump right in as soon as the league’s open for the week.
  3. Postpone it as much as you can and connect late on day 1, or perhaps even on day 2 (I’ve never tried it, though).

Since this is the normal consensus, you’re categorised into a league that starts at around the same time as you, so this way, you won’t be paired up with radicals who would halt your victory for nothing to put up insensitively large scores.

Tip #2

Don’t try to win every tournament on your way up to Diamond League. Sometimes it is just betting about the bush. You’re merely here for the #1 Diamond achievement, and discovering a podium in the others that would give you a few miserable lingots.

Focus on your target prize. Though it can be tempting, save your energy. Put sufficient numbers to reach the top 10 each time. The two league-linked achievements are (Diamond) and (in any league). You can hit them both if you get first in Diamond on your initial try.

Tip #3

Save your stories. It is only for those courses which have stories and from which you can earn XP. They are a great source of XP, but actually, there’s only a certain number of times you can do them till they stop giving you XP (around ten or so). So save upon them.

Climb up to the fruitful and exciting stories with max XP to gain from (around 28 XP in French), unlock a good amount of them (like unlock about 30-40), and then wait for D-week.

Tip #4

Using the mobile App. Talking from an Android perspective, the XP added from classes is much better with the mobile app than the website. The latter provides 10 (+5 bonus) points for reviewing a gold (fully completed Level. 5) lesson though the former gives 20 (+5 bonus) points for a similar purpose.

Tip #5

Turn off attending and speaking exercises. Turn off motivational posts and other time-consuming stuff. These will only reduce the pace of the activity when you are in the zone. The dark mode is also very helpful.

Tip #6

Whenever you need to make a push to grab that first place (reminder, only do this in Diamond League, don’t bother going any higher than top 10 in the leagues below), get well versed in your lessons first.

You need to get 25 XP per lesson per day, and you can easily rack up 1000 XP in an hour by running via 40 lessons. Of course, it helps if you’re insightful and adequate into your skill tree to do this. Then, fear not, stories are here for your liberty.

Therefore, the burden to function on Duolingo can feel amazing. Some users are trying to learn different languages through lessons by reading books, tv shows, movies to be fluent in the desired language and practicing pronunciation and vocabulary by reading them aloud.

That’s not a wrap here. Some of the aged users are also taking active participation to learn different languages.

On the other hand, it has recognized that users who seem to sit and do 200XP in a day have recognized the pressure given by the users. What are they up to? Is that an IV drip? Or if they are looking for a dark underground where someone takes them to all their meals.

The intention to learn should be according to one’s own pace and augmented with the rest of the resources. They should have discovered that in almost two weeks and comprehend dialogues from famous t.v shows and books that one can follow to upgrade the knowledge and thinking skills.