A bed bug infestation cannot occur only due to less cleanliness at your home. But once they enter your homes, bed bugs can travel through your entire house by feed off your blood, sweat, and carbon dioxide produced, making them stay forever.

So, here are some simple yet effective natural home remedies that can help eradicate the pests.

Extreme Heat Or Extreme Cold

The quickest and most effective method to kill the bed bugs and their eggs is to subject them to extreme heat, which can be effectively done using special heating devices from UNIVERSAL Bed Bug Heater Package.  You can also wash your clothes, bedding, and other soft items in the hottest setting possible, while for furniture and bed mattresses, you can run the steam cleaner over them, focusing more on cracks and crevices where bed bugs may hide.

For non-washable items, you can choose the freezing method, where you can put them into plastic bags and keep them in the freezer. Leaving the things there for at least 24 hours will surely kill the bed bugs and eggs.


This is another primary remedy opted for by most people to eradicate bed bugs. De-cluttering and vacuuming your entire house thoroughly can ensure the effective removal of bed bugs and their eggs.

However, make sure that you run your vacuum hose in nooks and crannies of your furniture, carpets, mattresses, curtains, and boxes, as bed bugs thrive in such hideous places.

Diatomaceous Earth

This remedy is extremely beneficial in eliminating all types of bugs, including fleas. The powdered product can be easily made from naturally occurring sedimentary rock and is even readily available.

For best results, spread it all over the required area, especially in cracks and crevices. Let it sit for around 10 days to kill the pests. However, it is not recommended to put it on your mattress, as its microscopic shards can get into your lungs and cause health issues.

Rubbing Alcohol

A widely used remedy, rubbing alcohol kills insects by dissolving their cells, and hence, can be used successfully to get rid of the bed bug infestation. Rubbing alcohol works by drying the skin of the bed bugs when they come in contact with the solvent, causing them to die. Moreover, it is also beneficial because rubbing alcohol does not stain your garments or furniture.

Baking Soda

This is another commonly known home remedy for bed bugs. By applying baking soda on the infected area, you dehydrate the skin of bed bugs, thus, killing them instantly. However, it has a drawback that this remedy requires an ample amount of time to work and loads of powder for sprinkling. Moreover, you will have to do extra work of cleaning the rooms to get rid of the dead bugs.


These are just some of the effective home solutions for bed bug infestation out of a plethora of other remedies available. So, you can use these solutions and try to get rid of these insects from your homes for good.