Mosquitoes are undoubtedly a pesky problem during warmer months, and many individuals seek innovative solutions to keep these blood-sucking insects at bay. One such solution is the Electrizap Mosquito Killer, a device that promises to use UV light and a high-voltage grid to attract and eliminate mosquitoes. In this review, we’ll delve into the effectiveness of Electrizap in dealing with mosquitoes, its features, pros, cons, and important considerations before making a purchase.

The Functionality Of Electrizap

Electrizap, formerly known as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug’, is an electric mosquito killer that relies on UV light emission to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects. Its compact and portable design makes it an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based insect control methods. By emitting UV light, Electrizap draws mosquitoes towards its high-voltage grid, where they are electrocuted upon contact. However, the device’s efficacy in dealing with mosquitoes requires closer examination.

Personal Testing & Findings

To gauge Electrizap’s effectiveness, a 10-hour test was conducted on a porch. The results were somewhat mixed. While the device successfully attracted and zapped moths and other bugs, the number of mosquitoes it managed to eliminate was disappointingly low. Many insects that perched around the UV light source managed to escape unharmed when the device was opened for inspection. This suggests that while Electrizap may be efficient against certain insects, it might not be as effective when it comes to mosquitoes.

ElectriZap Mosquito Zapper: Beyond Mosquitoes

Despite its name, Electrizap isn’t limited to eradicating mosquitoes alone. This versatile mosquito killer also targets bugs and gnats, broadening its scope to tackle a wider range of flying pests. This is an important consideration because not only mosquitoes are drawn to light – other insects like bugs and moths are also attracted to light sources.

Pros & Cons Of Electrizap

Pros Cons
Operates silently, minimizing noise disruption. Mosquito-killing efficiency falls below expectations, failing to eradicate many mosquitoes.
Odorless and safe, without harmful chemicals. Battery life of six hours needs enhancement for extended protection.

Considerations Before Purchase

Before investing in Electrizap, it’s crucial to consider the debates surrounding its efficacy in eliminating mosquitoes. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are not strongly attracted to UV light; their navigation relies more on carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. In fact, bug zappers using UV light primarily kill other flying insects, and their impact on mosquito reduction might be minimal. A University of Delaware study tracking six residential bug zappers found that only a tiny fraction of the insects killed were mosquitoes or biting flies.

Final Verdict

In summary, Electrizap Mosquito Killer offers an effective solution for dealing with a variety of flying insects, including bugs and moths. However, its performance against mosquitoes might not be as impressive as expected due to their attraction to CO2 rather than UV light. If mosquitoes are your main concern, you might want to explore alternative methods, such as traps that utilize CO2, to ensure more effective control. Nevertheless, for those dealing with a range of flying pests, Electrizap’s compact, noiseless, and chemical-free design could make it a worthwhile addition to your pest control arsenal.


Does Electrizap work only on mosquitoes?

No, it targets various flying pests like bugs and gnats, offering versatile pest control.

Is Electrizap safe and odorless?

Yes, it operates silently and without odors, ensuring a hassle-free pest control experience.

What’s the battery life of Electrizap?

The device offers approximately 6 hours of usage on a single charge.

Is Electrizap effective against mosquitoes?

While it attracts mosquitoes, studies suggest bug zappers might not be highly efficient at eliminating them.