As the online shopping landscape expands, so does the risk of encountering fraudulent websites. In these in-depth reviews, we dissect, an online store claiming to offer a broad range of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Our aim is to unravel the intricate web of deception surrounding Ellafancy and alert consumers to potential risks associated with this dubious platform.

About Ellafancy

Ellafancy is presented as an online store that showcases a variety of products, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. However, our scrutiny exposes several alarming indicators that question the legitimacy of this platform. From a lack of transparency in providing essential contact details to associations with problematic entities, Ellafancy raises red flags that consumers should consider before engaging with the platform.

Warning Signs & Areas Of Concern

Lack Of Contact Information:

A significant concern arises as does not provide essential contact details, such as a company address or phone number. The associated parent company, CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED, has been linked to problematic sites, intensifying doubts.

Poor Website Design:

The overall design of reflects common characteristics observed in scam sites. These include a poorly executed theme, images with cropped model faces (a tactic to complicate copyright tracing), substantial discounts, and inadequate website security, raising concerns about potential data theft.

Association With Problematic Companies:

CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED, identified as Ellafancy’s parent company, is linked with entities like A&KE Limited, Qandies Limited, and Bumperr LTD, known for operating problematic sites. This association heightens skepticism regarding the credibility of Ellafancy.

Common Scam Tactics:

Ellafancy employs tactics typical of scams, such as offering significant discounts, copying content from other suspicious websites, and lacking proper security measures. These tactics serve as red flags, signaling a potential fraudulent operation.

New Online Store Warning:

Ellafancy falls into the category of newly established online stores offering substantial discounts, a trend often associated with scam practices. Consumers should conduct research and use caution before making any purchases from such platforms.

Random Credit Card Charges:

Reports indicate that Ellafancy, like some other scam online stores, has been associated with random credit card charges without client consent. Victims are strongly urged to promptly contact their banks or credit card companies to secure their financial information.

Conclusion: Reviews

In light of the identified concerns and red flags, appears to be more of a potential scam than a trustworthy online store. Consumers are strongly advised to steer clear of such platforms to safeguard their personal and financial information. Raising awareness about scams like Ellafancy is crucial in protecting individuals from falling victim to deceptive online practices. Feel free to share this review with your friends and family to contribute to a safer online shopping environment.

Note: These reviews are based on the information available as of the provided date, and it’s important to stay vigilant as scam sites may alter details over time. Report any suspicious activities promptly.


Is a legitimate online store?

It raises concerns due to a lack of essential contact information, association with problematic companies, and the use of common scam tactics. 

Why should I be wary of Ellafancy’s website design?

The poor design of, including an untidy theme and images with cropped model faces, is a common characteristic of scam sites. 

What is the significance of Ellafancy’s association with CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED?

The parent company of Ellafancy, CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED, is linked with other entities known for operating problematic sites. 

Why should I be cautious about Ellafancy’s discounts?

It offers significant discounts, a tactic often used by scam sites to attract unsuspecting customers. Such offers may be deceptive, and consumers are advised to conduct thorough research before making any purchases from newly established online stores like Ellafancy.