Unfair dismissal and wrongful termination can be devastating experiences for any employee. Fortunately, employment laws aim to protect employees when employers infringe on their rights.

So, if you have been fired unfairly, here are the steps you can take.

Review Your Employment Contract

To confirm that you have been fired unfairly, you must review your employment contract and the company’s policies. Carefully read through your contract to understand the terms of your employment and the proper termination process.

If you were fired in a way that contradicts your employment contract, you should start gathering documentation essential to building your case of unfair dismissal. This documentation can include emails, performance reviews, text messages, and even witness statements from your colleagues.

Contact Management Or HR

Once you have gathered all the relevant evidence, you must contact management or HR to discuss the reason for your dismissal. It’s essential that you have complete clarity on the situation before you consult a lawyer.

Consult An Employment Lawyer

If you have been unfairly dismissed from your role, consulting an employment lawyer is in your best interests. An experienced lawyer who specialises in employment law can help you claim compensation to accommodate your income loss, or, in some cases, a lawyer can help you reclaim your job role. You can read more here to find the right lawyer.

File A Complaint With Public Authorities

Next, you must file a complaint to the Ohio Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about your experience with employment law violations. These public entities will investigate the matter, help mediate to reach a solution, enforce legal compliance, and enforce penalties on employers. These agencies also prevent retaliation against employees who file complaints.

File A Lawsuit

Your employment lawyer will help you build a case to claim compensation from your employer. With this, it’s crucial to give your lawyer all documentation and records of communication. It’s vital that your lawyer fully understands the situation to build a case.

Your employment lawyer will help calculate the value of your case to determine fair compensation. Additionally, your lawyer will also protect the future of your career by preventing retaliation.

Apply For Unemployment Benefits

While your lawyer is building a case, it’s wise to apply for unemployment benefits. Because the legal process of claiming compensation can take some time, it’s essential to apply for benefits that will get you through your patch of unemployment. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will assist with your application for benefits.

Start Your Job Search

If you are unable or unwilling to reinstate your position, it’s best to start your job search as soon as possible. Job hunting can be daunting, but there are quite a few tech tools that can help you streamline your hunt. Job search engines, digital calendars, and networking platforms like LinkedIn are all great tools that make finding a job easier.

Unfair job loss can be a stressful and frustrating experience. But there are steps you can take to seek compensation. Even so, it’s essential to consult an experienced employment lawyer to guide you through the process.