Most people associate physical therapy with injuries. That’s not wrong, but physical therapy Hemet can benefit many chronic conditions not traditionally associated with the specialty. Learn more about different sub-specialties that can improve the quality of life for patients young and old, with congenital disabilities or chronic conditions that impact a person’s daily routine.

Vestibular & Balance Care

The vestibular system creates a sense of balance within your body. It’s a complex system that includes the inner ear and how it sends signals to the brain. A vestibular balance disorder can make someone feel dizzy or disoriented. Physical therapy teaches you to learn to manage your condition throughout the day with safety strategies and adjustments for handling tasks that interrupt your routine.

Neurological Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Brain or spine injuries severely interfere with a person’s daily routine. Neurological physical therapy assists patients who have experienced a stroke or who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease by focusing on mobility or coordination instead of intensive physical exercises. These chronic conditions can’t be cured with a lifestyle change, but physical therapists can help someone regain some autonomy.

Aging & Physical Therapy

Mobility can be a big problem for seniors. As you age, you can lose muscle mass and may not have the core strength that you once had. Many seniors take medication that can impact their balance. Physical therapy can help older adults who are dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic conditions that impact their daily routine. Physical therapy can include exercises to keep someone fit, but it can also include education about how to manage their conditions to be more independent.

Work & Physical Therapy

Many work-related injuries aren’t accidents, but injuries that occurred from improper lifting or repetitive movements. Occupational physical therapy trains workers to use proper posture when working at a desk or to lift the correct way to avoid injuring the lower back. Occupational physical therapy is a holistic approach to improving the entire body instead of focusing on one area. This type of physical therapy improves work outcomes and increases the quality of life outside of a job.

Kids & Physical Therapy

Of course, physical therapy is great for kids who play sports to learn to prevent injury and to heal after an injury, but there’s so much more physical therapists can offer the younger generation. Physical therapy can help babies, toddlers and children to learn to move their body more effectively if they have limitations due to genetic conditions or congenital disabilities. Addressing these problems through physical therapy can give a child more confidence and strength to grow up healthy.

Physical Therapy Produces Results

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, getting older or needing assistance as a youngster, physical therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for pain management, fall prevention and improved mobility and movement. It’s not just for athletes or those with joint injuries. Learn more about the best physical therapy San Diego. Ask a physical therapist how treatment would work for your health problems.