Bella Hadid has become one of the most sought-after supermodels in the world. Her statuesque figure and strikingly chiseled facial features have earned her 35.4 million followers on Instagram and counting. However, Bella’s road to supermodel status required dedication and discipline when it came to eating healthy and working out. So how did Bella Hadid lose weight and achieve the physique that has launched her to fame?

Diet Changes

Bella has been open that her weight loss journey required changing her diet significantly. She cut out fast food, soda, and other junk foods and began focusing on lean, whole foods made at home. “I eat really healthy and clean,” shared Bella in an interview, noting her diet is centered on fish, veggies, meat, and complex carbs like quinoa or rice.

While Bella hasn’t publicly shared a specific diet plan or meal regimen she follows, it’s clear that cutting calories through home cooking and eliminating empty calories from sugar and fried foods played a huge role. This entailed willpower and forming healthier habits over time. “It took a lot of hard work to get where she is now,” said a source close to the supermodel.

Incorporating More Activity

In addition to improving her diet, Bella ramped up her activity level significantly. She shared that during her hectic school years and into modeling, she wasn’t very active and didn’t focus on fitness. However, she realized that activity and movement made her feel stronger and more confident.

Bella now incorporates a lot more movement into her daily routine, such as walking more versus driving short distances. “I definitely try to work out 4 to 5 times a week,” stated Bella. This includes boxing, cycling, weight training, jogging, and hiking. She focuses more on how working out makes her feel rather than burning calories. The additional activity likely significantly increased her calorie expenditure while building metabolism-boosting muscle.

The “Bella Hadid Diet & Workout” Approach 

When asked directly about her diet and workout regimen leading to her weight loss, Bella has kept mum about a specific program she follows. However, we can piece together that improving her diet by choosing healthier whole foods and eliminating junk food, combined with ramping up her daily movement and dedicated workout routines 4-5x a week, led to transformative results.

This kind of lifestyle overhaul rather than extreme restricting or over-exercising is likely why Bella looks so toned and radiant today. Her model mentor Carine Roitfeld summed it up as a natural evolution:  “It’s nothing that I think she did on purpose or to make it happen…I don’t think it was for a lack of eating. She just started to have a different body.”

The focus of Bella’s ongoing diet and workout balance seems to be feeling energized and strong rather than conforming to certain external measures. “I want what makes me feel good and my health is what matters to me,” she has shared.

Dealing With Rejection & Body Image Struggles

While her dazzling good looks are in high demand now, this wasn’t always the case for Bella starting out. The modeling world infamously rejected Bella at first, deeming her too short and “too heavy” at 5’9” and around 145 lbs while pursuing work at age 17.

Being turned away from agencies and castings impacted Bella’s self-confidence and body image over the years. “I struggled a lot with body dysphoria…I was on this calorie-counting app, which was, like, the devil,” Bella reflected earlier this year. At one point she only allowed herself three saltine crackers for lunch, which negatively impacted her mood and menstrual cycle.

“I regret doing that, but I think that I would look back, and I’d forgive myself because I was just trying to figure out who I was,” stated Bella on finally making peace with the past.

Striking A Healthy Balance

After initially over-restricting her eating, Bella realized she felt best mentally and physically when taking a more moderate and intuitive approach to diet and fitness. This meant choosing nourishing foods that made her feel good, like salmon and farm fresh greens rather than calorie-controlled portions of low-fat crackers or diet meals.

“I’ve tried to avoid numbers now…if I start counting calories again, it can lead to consuming even less, which isn’t sustainable,” shared Bella. She focuses more on making healthier swaps, like opting for an omelet with spinach first meal rather than a bagel and taking workout classes that relieve anxiety rather than endless cardio.

Overall, Bella has found balance helps her maintain energy, positive body image and glow in a high-pressure career. “Making little tweaks to have a healthy routine has really made a difference,” she summed up her lifestyle strategy that keeps her runway-ready.

Bella Hadid’s Diet & Workout Routine Breakdown

Though she doesn’t follow a strict regimen, typical components that are staples of Bella’s modeling diet and workout balance include:

Bella Hadid’s Diet & Workout Routine Breakdown


  • Starting the day with protein like eggs, avocado toast or oatmeal
  • Eating plenty of fresh fruits and dark leafy greens
  • Snacking on hummus, nuts, seeds
  • Lean proteins like salmon, chicken, grass-fed beef, lamb
  • Complex carbs such as brown rice or quinoa
  • Lots of water; some matcha tea
  • Dark chocolate if craving something sweet
  • Minimal alcohol, soda, or fruit juice
  • No calorie counting!


  • Light activity daily like walking, stair climbing
  • Boxing sessions 2-3x a week
  • Pilates and yoga 2-3x a week
  • Weight training for sculpting and metabolic boost
  • Occasional jogging or hiking outside

This balanced lifestyle approach encapsulates the Bella Hadid Diet and Workout regimen centered on feeling healthy and strong rather than conforming to rigid restrictions.

Health Is The Priority

Bella sums up her health philosophy as avoiding extremes. “I think that if you’re not healthy…I just think that health is kind of what gives it a natural glow,” she stated in an interview. This mindset shift away from trying to force immediate weight loss and toward consistent healthy nourishment made all the difference.

Parting guidance Bella offers to those who ask about her ongoing diet and workout balance is simple: “Do what makes you happy.” Ultimately, the supermodel prioritizes feeling good in her body so she can keep up with demanding modeling work. By learning to listen to her body’s needs for wholesome fuel and activity she enjoys, Bella radiates effortless beauty from the inside out.


In the cutthroat world of high fashion modeling, developing a healthy diet and workout routine requires determination to achieve results safely. For Bella Hadid, changing her lifestyle in sustainable ways rather than extreme restrictions made her weight loss transformation stick in the long run.

Key elements included swapping processed foods for nutritious whole foods she enjoys, incorporating more movement into her daily routine, and finding workouts that relieve stress. The focus has shifted away from forcing outcomes through intense dieting. Instead, Bella has found balance helps her maintain the energy and glow, supermodels, rely on while tuning out pressure to fit narrow beauty ideals.