Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and style to your home in Auckland? Look no further than extra large wool rugs! These stunning pieces not only make a statement in any room, but they also provide warmth and comfort underfoot. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of choosing an extra large wool rug for your space and how it can elevate the overall look and feel of your home. Get ready to experience the ultimate in sophistication with these beautiful additions to your decor.

Soft Underfoot

Create a soft and luxurious feel to your home with extra large wool rugs or carpet. This cosy and thick rug offers a sumptuous underfoot experience, making it the perfect choice for lounge rooms and bedrooms. Made from a blend of hand-woven soft thick and thin yarns, the 8cm pile height is incredibly fluffy and heavenly to walk on. It also comes in a breadth of fashion shades to suit any décor theme.

Whether you are looking for a subtle neutral aesthetic or a point of difference to your living space, there is a design to suit you from the Auckland wool collection. Choose from a variety of textured finishes and diamond patterns to suit your style.

Stain Resistant

With its thick, soft pile, a natural wool rug offers comfort underfoot while elevating the aesthetic of your home. They also wear gracefully, are naturally stain resistant and hold colours better than most other fibres.

Woven by skilled decor artisans in a variety of patterns and styles, these large floor rugs NZ are woven with New Zealand wool that’s grown with pride by over two thousand Kiwi farmers. This farmer-led co-operative aims to reintroduce New Zealanders to the benefits and beauty of the world’s most sustainable fibre – New Zealand wool.

Crafted by skilled decor artisans, the premium rug collections in Auckland offer durable and timeless appeal. The natural fibres have a dense and soft underfoot feel and age gracefully over time. It also has excellent resilience and resistance to abrasions. Wool rugs also hold dyes better than other fibres, resulting in beautiful colours that complement any colour palette.

Easy To Clean

Many people are worried about washing their favourite wool floor pieces, fearing that they will get damaged. But, the good news is that rugs made from natural fibres like wool or sheepskin can be washed easily. Firstly, spread the rug outdoors on a clean tarp and vacuum it thoroughly. Then, mix one to two teaspoons of mild detergent or homemade wool wash with a pail of ice water. Gently blot the carpet, taking care not to rub.

You can also spot-clean liquid stains by dabbing the affected area gently with lukewarm water and then blotting it dry. If your rug is heavily soiled, then it’s time to call in the experts.


Wool rugs bring a cozy feel to any home and can transform any room into an envy-inducing space. Wool rugs are durable, and the natural fibres make them long-lasting and resistant to abrasions. Ensure the longevity of your rug by regularly vacuuming and spot cleaning it with a mild detergent. To prevent colour fade and protect your flooring, consider using a rug pad.

Natural fibre rugs are also easy to dye, allowing skilled artisans to create a wide range of beautiful hues. From rich neutrals to vibrant brights, there is a perfect wool rug to complement every interior style.


Extra large wool rugs in Auckland offer a perfect combination of luxury and style for any space. Not only do they add warmth and comfort underfoot, but they also make a statement with their unique designs and high-quality materials. From traditional to modern, there is an extra large wool rug that will suit your personal style and elevate the look of your home. So why wait? Experience the elegance and sophistication of an extra large wool rug in Auckland today.