Diamond cut is one of the most important factors in shaping diamonds and creating their unique beauty. Not only beauty but the cut of the diamond also hugely impacts their quality. Among the different unique cuts of diamonds, round-cut diamonds are extremely popular in the jewellery market. To estimate roughly, among all the sold diamonds, around 75%  are round-cut diamonds. But why these types of diamonds are exceedingly popular? There must be some good reasons behind their increasing popularity. In this article, we will explore round-cut diamonds and the reason behind their increasing popularity. Let’s find out. 

Overview Of The Round-Cut Diamonds 

The cut of the diamonds significantly affects their brilliance and brightness. Round-cut diamonds are basically the most common and classic shapes that you will find in the jewellery market. They have a round and symmetrical shape with 58 facets which maximises their fire and sparkle. The cutting style of these diamonds is extremely meticulous and requires precise accuracy. The design of a round-cut diamond includes a circular band, a flat surface over the belt, a crown above, a pavilion which is the lower segment of the belt and a flat or pointed bottom. These calculated and accurate angles and proportions control the light performance within the diamond and enhance its splendour and beauty. 

Reason Behind The Popularity 

There are several reasons why round-cut diamonds are immensely popular and trendy. Let’s have a look. 


Round-cut diamonds are also extremely versatile and are perfectly suitable for different types of jewellery designs which is a major reason behind their popularity. You can find these types of diamonds on every piece of jewellery including bracelets, earrings, engagement rings, and pendants. The inclusion and correct placement of round-cut diamonds increase the appeal and elegance to a great extent. 


Another reason behind the huge popularity of round-cut diamonds is their exceptional brilliance and shine. The specific and symmetrical cuts of the design and accurate proportion enhance the ability of diamonds to reflect light making the diamonds extremely dazzling. You can not ignore their beauty and sparkle once you look at these diamonds. 


Round-cut diamonds strictly follow the grading standard in the aspects of cut, symmetry and proportions. Their consistent shape and style help to maintain the best quality. So, if you are to purchase round-cut diamonds you don’t have to worry about their quality as they will always be the best. 

Other Popular Diamond Cuts 

Apart from the round-cut diamonds, several other types of diamonds are available in the market that are also popular.

Princess Cut 

This is the second most popular diamond-cut style after round-cut ones. The shape of these diamonds is square and has pointed corners. They are popular due to their modern and refreshing looks that offer a similar type of dazzle as the round-cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut  

This style of diamond has a rectangular shape and stepped facets. You can see this type of cut mainly in emerald gemstones which justifies its name. It offers a unique appeal. 

Cushion Cut  

With square cut and round corners, this style of diamond looks like a pillow. It has a classic beauty and unique charm.