Pennsylvania, the Independence State, is home to a multitude of natural marvels and awe-inspiring natural scenery. From grand waterfalls to mysterious caves, towering mountains, and vast fields, if you haven’t had the chance to explore these mesmerizing places, it is strongly recommended that you plan a trip in the near future. The best part is, Pennsylvania is an ideal location for a road trip at any given time. So, pack your bags for you and your family, because with a full tank of games, you personally take in Mother Nature’s scenery in the Birthplace of America.

1. Pine Creek George

Pine Creek Gorge, has the urban allure as the Grand Canyon of the Commonwealth, can be admired from either Colton Point State Park or Leonard Harrison State Park, both of which offer scenic vistas and hiking trails. Spanning an impressive 50 miles and measuring over 1,000 feet deep, this gorge is a sight to behold. While its beauty is evident year-round, it is highly recommended to visit during the peak of fall foliage with the family for an even more captivating experience and ever-lasting memories.

2. Cherry Springs State Park

Nestled atop a more than 2,000-foot mountain, Cherry Springs State Park in Coudersport is enveloped in dense and picturesque forest, establishing it as the most obscure location on the Eastern Seaboard. Cherry Springs also is a haven for stargazing enthusiasts and budding astronomers all year long for an unforgettable nighttime viewing. If you happen to visit during a rainy day, however, you will find yourself sharing the park with frogs.

3. Archbald Pothole State Park

Are you saying that I should appreciate potholes? Yes, when it comes to the ones in the natural and visually arresting Archbald Pothole State Park. The Archbald Pothole is a glacial pothole that formed during the Wisconsin Glacial Period, which occurred around 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. It was created by the grinding action of rocks and pebbles moved by the retreating glaciers.

Archbald’s pothole is quite large and can hold an impressive amount of water – approximately 140,000 gallons. It has a depth of about 38 feet, a length of 42 feet, and a width of 24 feet. Archbald Pothole State Park offers visitors the opportunity to explore this geological wonder. In addition to viewing the pothole, the park provides hiking trails, picnicking areas, and educational programs about the geological history of the region.

4. Parx Casino

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5. Bilger’s Rocks

Bilger’s Rocks is a geological and historical site located near Grampian, Pennsylvania. It is known for its unique rock formations and historical significance. The site is characterized by massive sandstone rock formations that have weathered over time, creating caves, crevices, and large, picturesque rocks. Visitors can explore the area and even climb some of the formations.

Bilger’s Rocks has historical importance, dating back to the late 19th century. The rocks were a popular gathering place for local residents and served as a site for social events, picnics, and community activities. Today, Bilger’s Rocks is a recreational area where visitors can enjoy hiking, picnicking, and exploring the unique geological features. The site is often used for events, gatherings, and educational programs.

6. Seven Tubs Nature Scene

Seven Tubs Nature Area, located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is indeed a picturesque natural attraction known for its scenic beauty and unique geological features. The nature area is named for the series of “tubs” or potholes formed by the flowing water of Wheelbarrow Run. These tubs are carved into the rock formations and create beautiful, serene pools along the stream.

The 1.8-mile trail along Wheelbarrow Run is a popular way to explore the area. The trail takes visitors through the wooded surroundings and offers views of the tubs and the waterfall. Water features like waterfalls add to the scenic beauty of the nature area.

The diverse and natural landscape of Seven Tubs Nature Area makes it a great spot for photography. Bringing a camera along is a fantastic idea to capture the beauty of the tubs, the stream, and the surrounding vegetation. It’s important for visitors to be aware that swimming is typically not allowed in the tubs.